ATO FORSON fraudulently wins Elections with Foreigners in AEEC


ATO FORSON fraudulently wins Elections with Foreigners in AEEC

Winners of Elections are always congratulated for emerging successful due to their hard work, clean records, impact on people,self discipline, composure, and their relationship with the people. Elections are to be fair and transparent.

The ongoing Voter registration reveales how fraudulently the former deputy finance minister,Ato Forson, has been winning r from 2008. The self acclaimed Messiah has never won an election on fair grounds in Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency from day one

The EC has put its 2020 new Voter registration exercise into phases, handling few centres or polling stations at a time within six days.
This agenda has hit most NDC aspiring MPs tearing their hopes in pieces, especially Ato Forson,member of Parliament for Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency.
ATO FORSON is an importer of foreigners and nothing more than that. At Ajumako Brofoyedur, during the first phase, he affirmed,in the presence of hundreds of people, to the EC officials that he was capable of importing 50,000 non-resident individuals to register in his favor should the officials refuse to sack two registrants he labelled as foreigners, even if they were challenged during the process which the CI is clear about.
True to his words, the renowned human importer, for the remaining phases ,has been caught countlessly busing people from Enyaa, Kasoa, Abura Aseibu Kwamankese, Takoradi and Accra, which his executives call ‘no man’s land to the constituency. Every hotel, guest house is full up with such persons,at of now.

Planting stalk foreign persons in every centre has been his game and hope for December polls. Unluckily for him,God is not on an accumulated leave like Ghana’s auditor general. Every attempt to push such bought individuals through has hit the rocks. A situation his Constituency Executives described as a big disappointment and subsequent blow to their master’s electoral fortune come December 7.
Statistics show that , places he calls NDC strongholds have recorded a decline of a minus -20-30% low turnouts even as more individuals should be 18 years and above.
The inference is this, the pile of foreigners stopped from registering this year,those who flee the Constituency for walking days without going through and the many who have been challenged by the now more Vigilant NPP agents ,are not accessing the registration.

Due to frustration, desperation and greed, it was reported yesterday that ,the supposed honourable MP removed his shirt at Esaman ,a suburb of Ajumako,to fight anyone who tried to challenge his foreigners amidst his armed mecho men.

Ghanaians would remember NDC Organized a press conference in the Constituency and accused the NPP for bringing unknown individuals to register for the new Voter ID. A story which never received public attention due to the fact that all they claimed were falsehood. It has turned out to be that the NDC was rather did it to covered up their wicked plot . Knowing no shame,they proceeded to some selected chiefs to complain about NPP busing people to the Constituency. At Attakurasi ,two VIP buses which came to pour a pack of Kasoa young men and women were denied their registration rights by NDC folks who protested against the ill plans of their Parliamentary Candidate,Ato Forson.

Every polling station or Registration Center is crowded with foreigners who are non-resident in any part of the constituency.

The unfolding story will continue till end of registration.

Story by:
Lorjes Nanappong


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