In recent past, the chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress was heard on tape ordering party men and women to kidnapped people and also tell all manner of lies against prominent men and women in society and turn round to accuse NPP of perpetrating such wrong doing.

Following from this, however, the member of Parliament for the people of Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency, Hon. Cassiel Ato Forson and his constituency executives of the NDC are executing this devilish agenda. The MP has recruited armed macho men with military accoutrements and other gadgets with the intention to destabilize the ongoing voter registration exercise. This plot has the tendency of leading to the destruction of properties, death of individuals and also bringing untold emotional torture to those who would be affected by their illegal acts.

Wanting to implement this Illegality, even though an anti- vigilantism bill has been passed into law in Ghana, some armed well built macho men were yesterday arrested at Yan memorial guest House at Mankessim. These armed men are believed to be hired to be deployed to cause trouble in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam and adjoining constituencies. Further information available indicates that, these armed macho men are linked to the former deputy finance minister and MP for Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency and additional Information reaching us indicate that, he was only beefing up the number of armed macho men to intimidate people in constituency.

The ongoing voter registration exercise has seen a number of violence and attacks unleashed by the former deputy finance minister through his party executives on NPP agents, Executives and the ordinary people. This act reminds us of some NPP members who were in November 2016 wounded with machetes and beaten with chains prior to the 2016 elections by thugs of the outgoing MP for AEE constituency.

Currently, the tension caused by the NDC’s Ato Forson which are to prevent and scare away potential registrants is disheartening. On July 7, 2020, one of his guards, called Young Money, slapped sister Gifty, an NPP lady at Ekwamaase. On the same day, the Constituency Youth Organizer, Amos of the NDC drew his gun and fired twice at some NPP polling agents at the same venue. But, God being merciful and for whatever reason, the bullets got stuck in the gun.

In addition, at the University of Education Winneba campus in Ajumako, NPP agents; Ashes Otchere and Otoo Baa were beaten mercilessly with chains leaving Otchere with bleeding eyes. Again, Lovelance Obour the NPP’s Youth Organizer of the constituency was also not spared either.

A popular rascal and a hooligan by name Anold Okyere, a.k.a Yellow Corn, was recruited into the police service with assistance from Ato Forson under Prez Mahama’s regime. This man has been sacked from the Ghana Police Service for working with land guards in Kasoa. This happened because whiles he was supposed to be on official duty, he was busily working with land guards and engaging in nefarious activities. He is the same person who has Marshalled land guards and other macho men and masterminding attacks and beating innocent Ghanaians in Ato Forson’s constituency.

At a registration centre last week Thursday, Ato Forson’s hired thugs , numbering 50 launched an attack on one Stephen Nyame, the NPP agent, who was innocently going about his business at Kokwaado at Denkyira. They beat the agent with chains, left him at the mercy of his Saviour, in the full glare of everyone at that centre.

From day one of phase one the registration till today, one could count not less than 20 macho men of Ato Forson at each polling station. As if that isn’t enough, at Esaaman, the MP himself removed his shirt leaving his singlet in a ready to fight mode, threatening in the the company of his over 70 armed macho men to stop any known NPP member from registering. In most of the NDC strongholds, Ato Forson’s macho men screen registrants and allow those who are pro NDC to go through the registration. Areas where their member is challenged, they chase the opposition agent challenging the eligibility of that individual.

These armed macho men are mostly land guards who Yellow Corn had been dealing with from Kasoa, and a few from Accra, Mankessim, and Northern Ghana. As of now, most strong holds of the National Democratic Congress are becoming ‘no go area’ for NPP agents and they are using intimidation, humiliation and beatings to scare them.

In conclusion, we are calling on the security agencies to critically look at Ajumako Enyan Essiam and its adjoining constituencies to curtail some of the atrocities meted out to the supporters of NPP and other registrants in the constituencies to bring the tensions down in the area. Thanks!

Long Live Ghana
Long live Central Region
Long live NPP

Robert Amissah (Staga)
Central Regional Communications Director- NPP


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