Ask the Callous and Greedy Asante Chief to Cease his Untoward Behaviours and Peace Shall Reign


My attention has been drawn to one of the Ghanaian-mushrooming one-man-show social media platforms video posts. This post is on Facebook and YouTube. Two of such different posts by the same person has been forwarded to me on my WhatsApp page by my WhatsApp contacts. Unfortunately, I have no time at the moment to watch them but from the verbal clues gathered from one of the WhatsApp contacts, they are more than enough to elicit this response I am putting out in the public domain today, Monday, 6 April 2020.

One of the Asante chiefs is said to have mentioned my name in the video as always insulting Asantehene along with a Kumawu citizen, a lady of course, residing in Switzerland. I don’t want to mention the name of the chief and which town or division within Asanteman that he comes from and reigns for two reasons.

Firstly, I don’t want to make him popular in Ghana or the world by identifying him in my publication as many, the world over, are those reading my publications. Secondly, I don’t want anyone to attack him in any form for depicting insanity and lack of love or lack of concern towards the subjects of Kumawuman in the face of the criminal maltreatment tantamount to a breach of the foundational conventions, especially the self-offering of the life of Kumawuhene Barima Tweneboa Kodua I, to be sacrificed, that established the Asante Kingdom, now Asanteman.

Why would someone just wake up, or stand up, or go about, insulting another person? Could it not be for a genuine or a bad cause? One thing I know as an Akan and by our Akan adages is that, “Se brebi ankoka papa a engye trada”. This in English could mean, “If you don’t go seeking for trouble, you may not have any”.

What has Asantehene done to my Kumawuman people that has so infuriated me to take him on? Has he treated them fairly in accordance with the conventions of Kumawu, conventions of Asante and the laws of Ghana? Don’t we know or understand the law of physics about “action and reaction” with such law always manifesting in our daily human lives?

Does whoever the chief is, know the history of Kumawu and/or Asante Kingdom in relation to the position of Asantehene within the Kingdom, now Asanteman, especially, since the restoration of the Asante Confederacy in 1935 and the roles and power of each divisional head within Asanteman? How I hope whoever the chief is would go over all my publications to school himself on the conventions and laws guiding the traditional Asanteman establishment as I have already put out enough credible information supported by documentary evidence to help rid himself of his perceived total ignorance.

I am not the one disgracing Asantehene but himself and those supporting him in all his wrongdoings. If he had not sought to, and continues to seek to, insult the intelligence of Kumawuman citizens by his intransigent, and illegal interferences in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute with all the attendant committed crimes, would I ever dare to take him on? No, and No!

To whoever the chief is and those defending whatever Asantehene does as good and lawful, I have the following few questions among a lot to ask them.

1.      Do you understand the true history of Kumawu and its position within the Asante Confederacy, now Asanteman, before, during and after the formation of the Asante Confederacy?

2.      Do you understand the role of Asantehene and his powers within the Asante Confederacy, especially after the restoration of the Asante Confederacy in 1935?

3.      Do you understand or know the roles and powers of the Divisional chiefs within the Asante Confederacy, now Asanteman since 1931 and after 1935?

4.      Do you know that Asantehene has no oversight role over who becomes the paramount chief or a sub-chief in any of the major Divisions in Asantemman, as are Kumawu, Mampong, Juaben, Kokofu, Bekwai, etc., just to mention a few?

5.      Do you know that Asantehene has absolutely no power, either conventional or constitutional, to dictate to Kumawu as to who becomes their paramount chief let alone, collusively imposing a candidate of his choice on Kumawuman and dubiously assisting with the person’s unlawful gazetting as Kumawu paramount chief?

6.      Could you provide any evidence to the whole world where Asantehene has been empowered by law, either written or unwritten, to play total lordship over Kumawu to have the unfettered right to tell who becomes their paramount chief or whatever?

Why do I have to spend my precious time on a chief who is licking the arse of his traditional overlord, thus, a bootlicker ingrained in always prostrating to Asantehene even in the face of knowing that his overlord is in the wrong? I am not there to appease criminal chiefs, criminal politicians, criminal civil service heads, but to tell the truth as it is.

Should that chief go out to mention my name derogatorily on any social media platform again, I shall write to mention his name and deal with him in a manner that he will never forget until his dying days.

It is by our stupid infatuation with aligning ourselves with corrupt leaders, always defending them even when they are wrong, that they have stolen almost all the wealth of Ghana and Africa to render the countries and the people poor only to be treated as subhuman by our white contemporaries. If it were not so, how would the whites be planning to use Africans as guinea pigs to test-trial the upcoming vaccines for the ongoing deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19)? If we choose to behave like worthless animals, they had better treat us so.

Even though I disagree with the lady in Switzerland over certain dubious roles she had played in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute to make things a bit difficult for some, I may think that her alleged video on the lackadaisical or nonchalant attitude by Asantehene in the wake of Covid-19 compelled him to start distributing cooking oil and rice to some needy persons in Ashanti region with Kumawu included.

Again, what credible purpose does it serve to steal say, Fifty-one million two hundred thousand Cedis (GHS51, 200,000) from some people and then you turn around to offer them a One million Cedis (GHS1, 000,000) worth of essentials in their crisis period? This is an insult to their intelligence! What is rice or cooking to a few Kumawuman citizens when millions are being stolen from them?

If the address or location of the lady in Switzerland, and her telephone number have been revealed in a social media platform post by whomever, with the person inciting the Ghanaians in that Swiss community to find and attack her, then I will suggest to her as follows:

a)      Download the video from YouTube onto a USB stick to have a permanent copy to serve as proof in case something happens and the author of the video pulls it down from the YouTube or Facebook

b)     Go to your local police station in Switzerland to lodge a complaint against the author of the video or the owner of that social media platform for your own safety. Unlike in Ghana where they may not take things very seriously or may have challenges investigating and arresting the owner of that video post, in the whiteman’s land, they can easily trace whoever the author is and deal with him or her if the video is deemed to have compromised your safety and security.

c)      Why should you allow those aiding and abetting crime to prevent you from fighting for a genuine cause if indeed you are?

To the chief in question and the fans of Asantehene, take notice of this Akan proverb, “Se kyekyere kyekyere no gyae a, kukuru kukuru no nso be gyae” thus, “If whatever is causing those annoying murmuring sounds stop, the noisy sound of trying to find that murmuring sound will cease” In effect, if Asantehene stops his untoward behaviours toward Kumawuman and maybe others in Ghana, nobody will ever dare to take him on again.

Those hypocrites rushing to show their love for him despite all his wrongdoings must be careful because they may fall on the wrong guy who will deal with them mercilessly.

Finally, it is absolutely wrong and criminal in the Western civilized world to put someone’s name, phone number and house address on social media platforms with invitation to people to fish him/her out for attack. If you have any reason for an offending person to be treated in accordance with the law, go to the police but not to seek to take the laws into your own hands by endangering the life of the person by putting her details on a social media platform. This bushman’s machismo behaviour may work and be appreciated in Ghana but not in the Western civilized world.

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 6 April 2020


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