Asante History: The Origin And Meaning of Kotoko
As a show of NsromaMedia‘s commitment to the art, culture and history to the country’s nations (tribes), we bring you an account of the origin and meaning of Kotoko. Its etymology as presented orally from our ancestors to us.
In the Ancient days, lot of wars were fought, some for supremacy, some to claim more lands and others to avoid being ruled by another kingdoms.
The Ashantis were very prominent due to the many fights they fought and won, Famous among them is the Anglo-Asante wars.
It was not a time where even the Europeans could get hold of sophisticated weapons, much less Africans, but the Asantes were very intelligent to come up with ways to outwit any opposition that came their way.
One of the many tricks they used was koto-ko.
kotoko Ashanti_Empire_Flag.svg
 The Asante soldiers used an art of lying down on the ground to fight their enemies. This made it very tough for their enemies to get them on target. This gave Asantes the name Koto-ko to wit bend low and fight.
This account explains the name for the porcupine, a rodent with quills, that protect against predators.
This made them win many wars and thus expand the Asante Kingdom to be of the greatest Kingdom in Africa.