Are Official Declarations of Election Results in Ghana a Sham?

Ghana, a known or presumed democratic country, has a full-fledged Electoral Commission vested with the authority to conduct peaceful and credible general elections in the country. The Electoral Commission is responsible for fixing the date, writing the rules, organising the voter register and elections, and declaring the results, of, elections, as it’s empowered by the 1992 Ghana Republican Constitution. This is a common public knowledge.

However, it seems the Electoral Commission is either always undermined by the very leaders we vote to elect to govern us, or the Commission itself is incapable of enforcing its independence and insisting on its right of being the sole declarant of election results.

If the Electoral Commission is as credible and worth its salt as it appears, why then is it that an acclaimed powerful individual in the country, should since the year 2000, always have to intervene before the election results are accepted by the political party leaders losing or winning the elections? This individual in the person of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, appears to hijack the right to declare the general election results going by his own assertions as appear in the YouTube posting below.

I’m apolitical, peace & development my objective – Asantehene


Why should he sit down and negotiate with both the voted-out and voted-in presidents, persuading them to accept the declaration of the election results as may be pronounced by the Chair of the Ghana Electoral Commission? Who, or what law, bestowed on him that right to intercede by calling a negotiation meeting between the heads of the two strongest political parties in Ghana, NPP and NDC, before or after general elections have been conducted to persuade them to accept whatever verdict, and whoever is declared the winner, as may be pronounced by the Electoral Commission?  


Does his assertion with the attitudes by the political party leaders, not smack of mockery of the Ghana Electoral Commission, and makes it appear that the decision by the Ghanaian electorates to elect their leaders is nonsensical and meaningless, if what the Asante Overlord, Nana Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, says goes and is accepted for finality?


Even though the tyrant J. J. Rawlings had served his two terms in office as the president of Ghana under the bogus 1992 Constitution written to favour him, and had not stood as a contestant for the election 2000, he still had to be talked out by personalities including Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo (then sitting Nigerian president – from1999 -2007), before accepting that he would hand over the reins of government to then elected President John Agyekum Kufuor of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).


Discerning Ghanaians could not understand this attitude of madness by Rawlings, a military dictator with the intention to hang on as the life-president of Ghana but only to turn into a civilian government when compelled by the powerful Western world to hand over to a democratically-elected government or risked being booted out of office by them.


Why should the subsequent civilian presidents be sat down, and talked to by the Asante overlord to accept the election results? Do the leaders themselves believe in the right of the people, thus the Ghanaian electorates, to vote to elect persons of their choice to rule them? If they did, why is it that someone has to sit them down to give them the assurance that at the end of the day, power rotates between just NPP and NDC so they should accept any results that come out as may be declared by the Electoral Commission for after all, next time around, it will be the turn of whoever has lost the election today.


Should the emergence of Ghana’s president truly come about as claimed by the Asante overlord, then Ghana’s practice of democracy is a sham with the black man not being able to manage their own affairs properly.


The presumptive question is, is Ghana practising a true democracy or a democracy adulterated with monarchy that favours only the Asante overlord with other chiefs in Ghana remaining mere decorated puppets without significance?


Our leaders that succumb to the whimsical interventions by the Asante overlord to indirectly concentrate power of selecting the president of Ghana in his hands to make him too important a figure to think that he has the power to make or break Ghana, hence often disrespecting the laws of the land to behave as an autocratic, should beware of the consequences of their irresponsible behaviour.


 Election results are to be decided by the electorates and declared by the Chair of the Electoral Commission without fear or favour or any manipulations or interference by whomever. The Electoral Commission must be fair, firm and friendly but not to seen to, or suspected of, deciding or manipulating election results in favour of a particular leader or a political party. It is this public perception of wrongdoing that probably engenders the wading in to determine whoever the president of Ghana is contrary to the accepted principles and standing procedures for such determination.


Rockson Adofo


Sunday, 15 September 2019