Are NDC Plotting to Win Election 2020 by Hacking the Electoral Commission’s Computers?


One wonders why the NDC think they are born heads to lead, but never tails to follow. I can’t get my head around this viewpoint of the NDC, unless it could convincingly be explained to me by a more knowledgeable person lurching out there in Ghana’s political arena. The NDC are incomprehensibly nefarious, by their posture and attitudes.

Anyway, from the developments and unfolding events for the past few months, as are exacerbated by the attached audio forwarded onto my WhatsApp wall on Wednesday, 25 November 2020, the NDC are hell-bent on winning election 7 December 2020, by any foul means available to them. This goes to prove their upheld, but false mind-set that they are created heads but not tails.

The many persistent lies being told by the NDC leadership in attempts to deceive Ghanaians to vote them into power, should no longer be countenanced by discerning Ghanaians, especially, the no-nonsense son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, Rockson Adofo. For how long are we going to sit on the fence with arms clasped behind our back, while the NDC continue with throwing dust into our eyes, threatening our lives, and intimidatingly imposing themselves on us against our much adored principles of democracy, thus, fundamental human rights and universal adult suffrage?

Democratic elections are to be won fairly squarely but not by resort to any dubious means as it is the unwavering resolve by the NDC.

It is said, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”. Once by the grace of God, and through some human interventions we have become aware of the heinous plots by the NDC to tamper with the election 2020 results using technology, there is the absolute need to take all measures necessary and available, or to be devised, to counter or negate their intended evilness.  We should not sit down doing nothing while the level of the NDC rigging the election has become severe.

The NDC are always informing the Ghanaian public with certainty that they have won, or will win, election 2020 hands down, although the prevailing public opinion as ascertained by empirical observation is utterly contrary to their conviction. Does this not prod us to be conscious of the adage, “When a blind person threatens to cast a stone at you, it means he has his foot firmly standing on one already”. If that was not the case, how could the NDC go about confidently saying that they will win the election despite all the intermittent public hooting and ridicule they are subjected to on their nationwide political campaign tour?

Their flagbearer cum presidential-candidate, former President John Dramani Mahama, is alarmed; and been saying that the National Communications Authority (NCA), are surely going to switch off the social media on the election day. Why is he so concerned that the internet supply to the social media will be blocked on the election day? If blocking internet access to those determined to use it dubiously to disrupt the election is a solution to ensuring that the election becomes free and fair, then so be it. I have no qualms about that.

If it is true that the NDC have imported some three Indian nationals into the country, tasked with hacking the Electoral Commission’s computers to ultimately tamper with the election results in their favour, then those foreigners must be traced, arrested and interrogated. It may not be an easy task. Nonetheless, as some people have come out with the date that they came into the country, certainly through the Kotoka International Airport, can the airport manifest for the date of their alleged arrival not be checked to identify those suspects? Despite the search for them being an onerous task without much time on the hands of the EC and all those seeking fairness in the election, attempts must still be made to trace them.

The herculean nature of finding the Indian suspects may dictate that other easy but robust solutions are found to obstruct or mitigate any illegal attempts by the NDC to rob Ghanaians of their choice of President and Members of Parliament come election 2020. Any possible solutions available to the Electoral Commission and other interested institutions must be resorted to in negating any malicious attempts by the NDC to win the election. The election must be won fairly, but not dubiously, by whoever wins it.


The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Mensah, must take efficient steps to monitor the Information Technology (IT) staff at the Electoral Commission (EC), especially the Head of the IT department and his immediate assistants. They can, if they decide, be potential suspects able to pass the EC election password to an outsider, or compromise the security of the computers to permit external persons to hack the computers to criminally alter the election results. She must not trust them fully, but herself, to deliver credible election 2020 results acceptable to all honest Ghanaians. I support my view with a quote from the bible – Micah 7:5-6. It says, “Do not trust a neighbour; put no confidence in a friend. Even with the woman who lies in your embrace guard the words of your lips. 6 For a son dishonours his father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law — a man’s enemies are the members of his own household”.

For the love of money, thus, quick buck, some people may be ready to sacrifice their integrity. This is why the Head of the EC must keep close eye on those she works with as regards delivering credible election 2020 results.

The security personnel alleged to be working in the interest of John Dramani Mahama and his NDC party, must bear in mind that the greater collective interests of Ghanaians must come before their individualistic aspirations. If the NCA can take lawful steps to block any hacking attempts by whomever, why not.

All political parties in the country, apart from the scheming NDC, must join forces to prevent any attempts by anyone, or any party, to rig the elections. We have to employ meaningful measures to obstruct any illegal ploys of the sort as hereby reported.


This publication must be forwarded until it reaches the Chair of the Electoral Commission and her outfit. It must be forwarded to all the political leaders, relevant institutions, and every Ghanaian in case they may have an answer to foiling any attempts of rigging election 2020 by whomever. We must be thankful to God and all those reporting about secret attempts by the NDC to rig election 2020.

There is the slightest truth in every rumour. The vehemence with which the NDC have been needlessly attacking people, all with intention to winning the upcoming election by any means possible, gives rise to suspicion and confirmation to certain information coming into the public domain, among which is the attached audio.

Intelligence information is often communicated to the relevant bodies in secret but not divulged in the public domain. However, the difficulty of reaching the relevant bodies and whether or not they will deal with such information as sincerely as expected, compels that such secrets are revealed in public, although it is said, “taking one by surprise is more effective to negating their evil enterprises than letting them be aware of your foreknowledge of their plots”.

When you are in position of trust and intelligence information is communicated to you, please deal with it or escalate it.

Rockson Adofo


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