Any lady who dates two guys is a prostitute with a poor future-Counselor Charlotte Oduro explains (video)


Renowned Ghanaian female counselor, Rev Mrs Charlotte Oduro has warned ladies strongly against having two partners, describing women who engage in that act as having a shaky future.

In a video sighted on the official Instagram handle of Facts and Truths, the renowned counsellor explained that many ladies choose to date more than one guy for their own selfish reasons.

According to Charlotte, those ladies do not actually love the men they date but only stay with them, trying to study and pick who will take care of them better.

Charlotte Oduro explained that such a move is evil and brings destruction to that particular lady in such a situation.

As a mother and wife, she advised ladies to settle down with a single man whether poor or rich and build wealth with them.


She said;

“You have two boys do you know why? You are not sure who to pick…You don’t love them….You are weighing who can take care of you…A woman who is like that, your future is shaky…Pick a man, no matter who he is, love him for who he is, support him,  be there for him, understand him, when he is sick, be there for him.”

Any woman who dates two guys has a shaky future-Counselor Charlotte Oduro says

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