With the piteous of wailings and weirdest of lamentations, Zenator Rawlings got into her elements, throwing her weight about, making wild allegations about her constituents being sidelined in the sharing of the food meant for the 400,000 who are to be catered for by the Gender Ministry.

She also claimed that party ID cards were demanded before food was given to individuals and that without NPP card, one would be denied food. She also said only a few in her ‘NDC constituency’ have benefited from the food being distributed by the government as a result of the lockdown emanated from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With these claims, one expected Zenator to do what she considered to be the dignified and honorable thing, but it turned out that she was rather sharing her food based on party affiliations. Interestingly enough, the food she shared was provided by the Gender Ministry through the Municipal Assembly, meaning, she didn’t use her own money to provide the food.

In effect, Zenator was replicating the very methodology she was criticizing, assuming her claims were valid. Zenator comes across as someone who has luck at her side but very little principles, principles which would endear her to many people.

Zenator peddled lies. The food was not shared with party cards being demanded as passports for qualification. The claim that only a few of her constituents have benefited from the scheme is also untrue. Tudu forms part of her constituency, and that is where most of the kayayes are located. Everyday, these people are given food apart from the goodies the Vice President gave to them.

The Independence Square also houses majority of the beneficiaries from her constituency. These barefaced lies of Zenator can not withstand the true events panning out in her constituency. More people are fed in her constituency more than most of the other areas.

If she cannot be grateful, the least we expect from her is to engage in this populist agenda of shouting ghosts when no one is dead. Until this video of Zenator, I used to think she was different. How wrong I have been thinking that a stone can metamorphose into a golden bracelet.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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