Dear Joyce,

I have read an opinion piece on peacefmonline which is attributed to you. As expected, you were going through excruciating pains trying to dissuade us from seeing your boss, John Dramani Mahama, as Government Official 1 and to distance him from any form of wrongdoing. The piece is destitute in terms of substance and arguments sound enough to break into our foggy thoughts.

Joyce, I don’t envy you and the job you’d have to do to defend Mahama in this Airbus scandal. Defending John Mahama is like embarking on a “Deadly Voyage”. It is a journey full of trials and tribulations, and that’s what your job description for Mr. Mahama looks like. Let us dwell on the individual points you put forward and subject them to analytical scrutiny.

Your first paragraph attempts to downplay the bribes Airbus paid to intermediaries and your conclusion is that no bribes or kickbacks were paid to any Ghanaian officials. The approved judgment, you indicate, mentions that commissions were paid to agents of Airbus and that they were in excess of what is approved by the European Commission’s OECD Rules.

Joyce Mogtari, have you asked yourself why the commissions were in excess? You think Airbus would pay commissions in excess for no reason? Airbus is a charitable organization to dole monies to agents in excess of what are due them?

It is truistic and same can be accepted as logically sound to believe that Airbus paid extra monies because the agents went further than they were required to go. In fact, these intermediaries influenced the decision processes to gift the company more than they ordinarily would have received. In simple terms, Airbus paid Intermediary 5 a lot more because he used his relationship with his brother, Government Official 1 to get higher prices for Airbus. It makes sense for Airbus to also show appreciation for the yeoman’s job these agents did.

I am at a loss to divine the second position you advance to the effect that Airbus did not admit to guilt but wanted to get the issue done and over with so as to get the three countries off its back and to give the corporation a breathing space to focus on its businesses.

Tell this to the marines, Joyce. Who would pay €3 billion when the fellow knows he is on the right side of the law? Why would Airbus pay such a colossal amount of money if innocence is on the horizon?

Airbus could have paid more if it had allowed the case to travel to its logical conclusion. Mind you, the company admitted that it erred in its dealings with the intermediaries. Airbus also said that the monies paid to the intermediaries were to influence the decision making process in its favour. You cannot write just English for us.

The inference and indeed, you poignantly believe same to be true that the Airbus saga was just commissions it overpaid to agents, nothing more, nothing less.

You are, in essence, saying that the courts wrote thesis just to inform us about overpayment of commissions. Let me take the trouble to sum up the judgement to you.

Your boss calls Airbus, travels to London and introduces his brother, the smokescreen Samuel Mahama to Airbus. Samuel did all the negotiations for your boss.

Your boss flies down to Ghana, Airbus puts in the deal and a tainted decision maker/Government Official 1 puts pen to paper to award the contract to Airbus.

Instead of $44 million for two brand new Casa aircrafts, your boss, having taken his cut already from Airbus through Samuel Mahama, inflates the price to $64 million, a whopping $20 million was paid in extra to Airbus.

Part of the $20 million was given to Samuel Mahama for your boss. If I were you, I would drop these vain attempts to whiten the darkened spots on Mahama with such weak arguments.

You see, Government Official 1, your boss, is hugely implicated in this scandal. Airbus even admits to same. Don’t tell us Ghana lost nothing. We lost $20 million part of which was given to your boss through his younger brother, Samuel. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is as real as daylight! Greetings to Government Official 1.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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