AN OPEN LETTER TO IGP – Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina
Mr. IGP, I bring you a vicissitude greetings from the Civilian society of our motherland, the people whose taxes are being used to pay the gallant men and women in the blue-black uniform.
Sir, I believe you will agree with me that to be in service uniform is  privilege not right. There are millions of Ghanaians who when given the opportunity to be in uniform, will behave and respect the taxpayers.
I bowed my head on shame as a gentleman after watching the brutality treatment that the young policeman ushered unto the harmless nursing mother.
Is it a crime to be a civilian?
Is it a crime to go to the Bank after banking hours taking into consideration, the circumstances the person finds himself or herself.
This barbaric attitude by the policeman is not only condemnable but also, deserves a well metered punishment that will deter others from disrespecting civilians.
Sir, there have been several instances whereby the police have victimized, intimidated and brutalized civilians but the Service and those in authority left those cases to die simply. For this reason, those in uniforms always feel they are superhumans and for that matter, they are above the laws of the land.
The civilian society want this issue to be the end of such stupendous act from those in uniforms.
*Moving Forward*
Mr. IGP, many service persons have been cited in unscrupulous acts as armed robbery, rape, drug dealings, etc.
I understand no thorough background search is conducted before recruiting faces into the Service.
I humbly urge your outfit to initiate a laid down procedure for thorough search of the background of those you give them the chance into the service.
Many are the genius gentle citizens who are struggling for opportunity into the service. However, inhuman beings like this uncouth intimidator have blocked their chances.
Sir, the entire civilian population is watching with opened eyes and wide ears to see and hear the extent of this case.
We can’t live in our motherland and be subjected to servitude in tranquillity. This is what our forefathers fought against in the 19th century.
*Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina*
*Atiwa Writer*