Dear Franklin Cudjoe,

You are so much drenched in your own self-aggrandizement to winnow out the sound admonition Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko captured in his post.

You are so besotted with the belief that you are the wisest and most intelligent man Ghana can boast of and, therefore, no man born of a woman under this scorching Ghanaian sun can compare himself to you intellectually.

You consider yourself God’s gift to not only Ghana but mankind and that whatever comes from your stables should go undisputed. To you, we all should be gullible so that we can just gulp down whatever you teach us.

Gabby’s point was that neutrals take no sides and that they criticize when the need arises and should praise when it becomes needful. He said that those who walk with the neutral tag but find themselves always criticizing without praising when good things are done cannot be wholly neutrals.

Gabby’s sentiments jell with some of us in that it is only opposition members who criticize and do not praise when the need arises.

Why must such a description give you a headache or migraine if you are truly a neutral? You are worked up because you are not truly a neutral as you would want us to believe.

A neutral has some observable traits; objective, nonaligned, impartial and unbiased. Anything short of these attributes render someone as aligned to party A or B.

Constructive criticisms form part of the work of neutrals, but here we are, stuck with a neutral in the shape of Franklin Cudjoe who excels in only heaping criticisms upon the Akufo-Addo government without corresponding commendations when things go right.

You claim to have led an onslaught against the NDC when they were in power. Franklin, I can count the number of times you criticized the NDC in the eight years they were in power. You sounded, at all times, like a father spanking an errant boy instead of whipping him anytime you criticized the NDC.

You see the NDC as a family but the NPP as a rival that must be hated with every fibre of one’s soul. Any neutral worth his salt would not adopt such a strategy.

With the NPP, you appear to come out all guns blazing, and with venomous passion, you cut the Akufo-Addo administration to sizes. You are no neutral! You are more NDC than some of these NDC guys on social media always throwing tantrums and casting insinuations against the governing party.

Even when you put out false information and you are caught, instead of being man enough to admit it and apologize accordingly, you stoically stick to your guns as though nothing happened.

Franklin, stop your constant description of those of us who don’t see you as the Adam Smith or John Maynard Keynes of our time as grovelers. You are an elevated bootlicker who fawns to organizations in order to have funds for your IMANI activities.

Your IMANI lost steam years ago. Have you to realized that most of what your outfit comes out with are hotly challenged with facts which render your so-called prognosis useless?

I am yet to come across a neutral who speaks against an administration with such venomed animosity. You are, for want of a better expression, one in a billion.

Your defense of the hollow response you gave to Gabby exposes you as a mere pebble which has been idolized and idealized as a deity. We have worshipped a mere thread as a snake. You are no tiger, just a common cat!

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

Mr Kelly Brown

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