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Amissah-Arthur’s Wife Fires: Says Mahama Made Her Husband Worked Like A ‘Donkey

The Former President of the Republic, John Dramani Mahama, has been accused by the wife of the Former Vice President of the Republic, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur for using her husband Mr. Paa Kwasi Armissah Arthur to overwork when he was his vice.

“People use to think that, my husband was used to relegate to the background. I don’t need to mention a name for you to decipher who to confirm this from, but you are quite aware that my husband was very strong and was a hardworking man who was used by the former president to do all the difficult financial tasks in the country,” she said in an interview with the BBC Ghana.

It could be recalled that the relevance of Vice President Amissah-Arthur was negligibly non-existent as Lordina was seen all over the country, cutting sods for projects, commissioning some and acting as though she were second only to her husband, John Mahama.


That development became topical at the time and many gurus in the NDC had complained bitterly about it but all to no avail. Mahama stoically decided to stick to his wife using her Lordina Foundation as the smokescreen.


Vice President Amissah-Arthur was seen to be a pale shadow of himself as his counterpart in the able personality of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia kept on terrorizing him at the time and gave the NDC hell with his intellectual analysis of the woes of Ghana’s economy and proposed solutions to deal with all the challenges the country was confronted with.


Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur revealed this juicy titbit in an exclusive interview she had with the BBC Ghana as a conversation he had with one confidant of a party guru who has asked for anonymity in this story.


In conclusion, she advised Ghanaians to desist from labelling her late husband as been too soft.


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