Ghana’s health sector was subjected to unendurable heartaches under the Mahama regime.

For eight years, the NDC could not give us even 100 ambulances. They attempted to procure a few ones but as amateurs as they are, what they brought were deemed to be unfit for purpose.

Experts in the filed say Ghana needs about a thousand ambulances. The Mahama administration left only 50 ambulances, and this is not a record anybody should feel proud about.

The Akufo-Addo administration, unprecedentedly, has purchased more than 300 ambulances for the use of our hospitals and other health centers.

The ambulances, as was announced, were to be distributed to the various constituencies on Monday, 6th January, 2019, some issues cropped up which informed the administration to hold on with the planned event.

The Ghana Ambulance Services, the people with expertise in the field, succinctly has explained why it was not ideal for the ambulances to be distributed detailing cogent reasons to buttress their decision.

Then these amateurs masquerading as a political party come out with a press release to tell Government to release the ambulances as though they were mere vehicles.

We are not arrogant as a government but to take lessons on morality from a brothel(NDC) is something we would not countenance.

Folks, the NDC lost the moral justification to advise this government on such a topic. For eight years, the thought it inexpedient to augment the fleet of ambulances we had in the country.

The ones they brought were not even fit to be made trotro and have been rotting away because of their uselessness.

We take constructive criticisms from well-meaning Ghanaians and the experts in the field not a group of people who, for eight solid years, did not do anything to uplift the number of ambulances we have in the system.

These people are but parasites who do not produce any fruit but wait to feed on what others have produced and still gather the effrontery to complain about the taste of the fruit they partake in eating.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

Mr Kelly Brown

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