The risk of government in power collapse today, is now a matter of
increasing concern. Will The New Patriotic Party (NPP) be one of the many
regimes that collapse during the second terms, leaving behind many sore grass
root? By collapse I mean drastic decrease in vote size over a considerable area like
Ashanti, Eastern and Greater Accra Region.


Any minor rise or fall of political
fortune, or economic fortune or conquest by strong opposition party and the
dwelling numbers of elite within the ranking of our party must be prevented at all
cost. Many governments including our own NPP government in 2008 succumbed
to collapse during the 2nd term. The monumental failures of the opposition party
will not secure us a win in 2024, until we strengthen our base now or forever pay a
more severe painful price.

People marvel at the Israelites when they preferred the agony and slavery
they experienced in Egypt to the freedom the Almighty promised. The Israelites
may be compared to our grass root or our party base. God delivered them from
bondage yet they still asked for slavery again and again. They asked for prophets,
judges and the kings to rule over them.


This psychological or social disease of the
people asking for bad or worse leadership at the mercy of better and more
progressive experiences has been in the human fabric for several centuries.
Why would Adam and Eve both leaders in The Garden of Eden decide to
leave there for the arduous and challenging world we live in today.

They had everything good that man needed free food, free water plus no need to work yet
they decided to leave that comfortable environment under the supervision of
almighty God. Is it a societal disorder or a recurrent behavior to choose to
retrogress from time to time? I beg to differ. We who may know better may be
blinded by our unforgiving nature and prejudices to allow evil to prevail over good.
This should not be the case, it highly unacceptable. We should be displeased and
pained when we see such bad decisions being made.

In despair some key builders of the NPP fraternity may vanish or abandon
the great structures they put together in Ghana, USA, Britain, Europe and the rest
of the world. Today I was saddened by an audio that showed serious apathy on the
part of faithful members who have toiled hard for the party. I dare say we need to
do real soul searching and introspection to rid ourselves of any desires or wishes
that would mar our political fortunes as a party in 2024. Ghana truly needs NPP to
rule and rule and rule again.


Our ambition will not die in such an unpleasant way. Lurking behind this 2
term political party collapse mystery is the nagging thought: might such a fate
eventually befall our own wealthy and prosperous government in power? Will the
next generation of The New Patriotic Party leaders look on and ask the same
questions about unintended political suicide. The process through which we
undermine certain words of advice can lead to our collapse. Past collapse tend to
follow somewhat similar course: failure to draw near to the grass root, failure to
empower more people who qualify on merit basis, improper use of resources,
failure to retain and grow the base and failure to adopt to the ever changing
political climate.

There is a reason why corporate take overs and change in political front
liners are needed at times. It can motivate the grass root and also make them
happier to see certain changes. The seriousness of our problems have to be
vigorously debated. The risk cannot be greatly exaggerated, or conversely under
estimated, we ought to use technology to our advantage and embrace more debates.
Some healthy competition or changes in front liners will strengthen our base.
Upward economic mobility is good for the ordinary NPP member and will in turn
strengthen our base.

We should not be naïve to think that studying our past performance in 2008
will yield simple solutions, and lessons learnt can be directly transferred to fix the
prevailing political dynamics. Please be advised that 2008 voters differ from 2024
voters. We may not like these hard truths but we certainly need to entertain them in
order to survive 2024. Both party hierarchy and grass root need to come together
and have more frank discussions. The ordinary Ghanaian or our voters are now
knowledgeable, sophisticated and media savvy. We will need to take extraordinary
care moving forward and to pay the needed attention to their basic needs if we
wish to retain power. God bless NPP, God bless our country.

Hon. Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi
Member of Parliament for Anyaa Sowutuom


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