Alleged Murderers of President Atta-Mills Threaten to Kill Ghanaian


Alleged Murderers of President Atta-Mills Threaten to Kill Ghanaians

By Fadi Dabbousi

“Blood Will Flow!” So, allegedly, declared Asiedu Nketia of the murderous NDC, once a “National Democratic Congress” Party turned “National Demonic Charlatan” Party! But when have the leaders of this evil organisation ever meant good for the nation? After allegedly killing President Atta-Mills, whatever little he managed to achieve in his short tenure in office was made to carry the signature of John Dramani Mahama, his successor, who, it was and is being alleged plotted and committed the murder.

“No matter the wisdom of a man, as soon as they obtain membership of the NDC, they become incompetent, stupid, and criminal,” an elderly fellow told me yesterday!

Asiedu Nketia must know that his blood will be spilled first before that of any Ghanaian. How can he be so inhuman as to pronounce such a grievous statement of war that threatens the livelihood and peace of over 30 million Ghanaians? Yet the morons of the NDC seem to be quite okay with it, forgetting that in such crisis, there is nothing called selective carnage. Their parents, wives, children, extended families, and friends will certainly be victims of their own atrocities.

Under President Akufo-Addo, nothing of the sort will happen, because he knows how to handle the infidels of the NDC. The NDC had cast slurs and slanders upon Akufo-Addo as a war monger. Liars as they are, their daily statements expose them and vindicate him. Who are the war mongers, here?

Allegations are rife that Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary of the NDC, wants to kill Ghanaians! Ofosu Kwakye, Chairman of the NDC, wants to murder Ghanaians! John Mahama, Flagbearer of the NDC, wants to unsettle the peace of Ghanaians! The NDC machinery want to rig the elections and plunge the country into civil war to kill Ghanaians!

People should never forget the war crimes of Liberia! If you want to know why there are many people with severed limbs (arms and legs) in that country, it is because of the civil war! In those days, victims would be asked which they preferred, short sleeves or long sleeves, trousers or shorts! For short sleeves their arms were chopped off, and for long ones, their hands were chopped off. For long trousers, their feet were chopped off, and for shorts, their legs were chopped off! Is that what we need in this peaceful country? Maybe, Asiedu Nketia, Ofosu Ampofo, John Mahama, et al, would like to see how they’d look like with short arms and legs to pose for a fashion show that might resurrect the conscience of politicians.

I ask the security agencies of Ghana to chase these fucktards into the dungeons and keep them there forever. Throw their bodies into the sea because burying them in the soil of this great country would be a blasphemy to the land.

Why are Ghanaians so afraid to question the crimes of the NDC especially the alleged murder of President Atta-Mills, who was purportedly killed and carried in the boot of a taxi and dumped at the maternity ward of the 37 military hospital? The murder of President Atta-Mills raised a lot of red flags. Why was the autopsy report not released to the family and public? How can such a thing happen to the first gentleman of the land at the time and go uninvestigated? If investigation actually went on, then those who oversaw the process should be arrested and interrogated about the shoddiest most suspicious job that brought no relief to the nation, but rather compounded our pain.

The new VOTERS REGISTER will be compiled, what come may! Have Asiedu Nketia and his dreadful NDC gangsters forgotten that they beat the living crap out of demonstrators who peacefully protested their impending register, which they bloated with minors, Togolese, Burkinabes, and Ivorians? Have they paused to ask why in Fiifi Kwerttey’s constituency there are 140,000 registered voters out of a population of 160,000? In their bloated register, they resurrected the NDC dead, and killed the NPP living.

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By Fadi Dabbousi


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