Alleged Dishonesty and Corruption by Kumawu Sekyere NPP Constituency Chairman, Secretary and the DCE


How truthful is the saying, “Friends today, enemies tomorrow!” Having received a forwarded WhatsApp audio trending on the social media on my WhatsApp page on Saturday, 23 May 2020, I decided to give the message so contained a thoughtful consideration. After a day of cogitation about it, I have decided not only to publish it to give it a wider and better public inquisition but also, to accord those alleged of the commitment of the various malpractices the opportunity to come out to acknowledge their crimes or to refute them.

Yes, King Duncan was right to have said, “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”. He said this in Shakespeare’s book Macbeth, after he has been told that the Thane of Cawdor has been executed for his crimes of treason. He trusted the thane and believed that he was loyal but he wasn’t one bit.

The NPP Secretary of Kumawu Sekyere Constituency, Mr Freduah, was known to me as a close friend of, or being on good terms with, Philip Basoah (Honourable), the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumawu Sekyere Constituency, before, during and after the 2012 general elections. Why is he now the enemy of the MP as alleged in the audio, working his ass off to ensure that Basoah is voted out of parliament at the NPP primaries? Is it because of Freduah’s selfish and insatiable greed to enrich himself at any least opportunity hence throwing out Basoah to follow the new parliamentary aspirants who have the huge financial resource to quench his hunger for wealth? Could this not be the gist or import of the audio?

He is right to support any candidate of his choice but to slander one and craftily dupe others as are alleged on the tape is criminal and dishonest on his part. Such behaviours are to be frowned upon; not to be tolerated by, and unbefitting, a public office holder.

The NPP Constituency Chairman, could not be spared the very brush I have used to paint the Secretary if he was, and is, also tarnishing the reputation of Basoah for the sake of swindling the other contesting candidates as is asserted in the audio by one NPP delegate Tuffour.

The District Chief Executive, Mr Samuel Addae Agyekum is a known liar, loudmouth and a misfit in his position. I had on a number of occasions published articles about him as obstructing the Kumawu Sekyere District from getting their fair share of the national cake. He claims his district has far benefited from the ruling NPP government than most districts in Ghana, however, it is all lies. I wonder why this young man is so infatuated with lies, exaggerations and nonsensical display of machismo attitudes. By his despicable lying behaviour, he thinks to be popular and famous without knowing that discerning Ghanaians only see him as a complete ignoramus, a similitude of the proverbial mocked “Akurase taaman”.

While farsighted persons from Kumawu are praying Kumawu Sekyere Constituency and district get their fair share of the precious little national cake when it is shared, here is a guy trying to deny Kumawuman of her due share through his abundance of lies, loudmouth and vainglory.

I do agree with Tuffour, who is unknown to me that the DCE spends most of his time at the studios of Kessben FM radio and television telling absolute untruths and balderdash. I wonder how and why this young man who lies at the same tempo as he breathes was selected, and voted, to become the DCE in the first place. I am not accusing anyone of an error of judgment but I am just querying and wondering how.

If indeed the DCE, the Chairman and the Secretary have dubiously availed themselves of money and items meant for the disabled persons in the district while they are themselves not disabled, it calls for criminal investigations to be conducted into the disbursement of the disabled person’s fund. Additionally, the contesting candidates must come out if these people have taken money from them promising to canvass for each of them to win the impending primaries. Why should they be switching their allegations from one candidate to the other after they have collected money from them?

I am worried more about Freduah. I will be disappointed in him because I did support him to be appointed the DCE of Kumawu Sekyere District but unfortunately, it went to that misfit who currently occupies the position. Little did I know that Freduah would be dishonest and corrupt going by the allegations by the unknown Tuffour, if indeed they are true?

I seem to believe Tuffour because he has dared them to come with him to the locally dreaded river god, “Bomfo” also called “Inspector” to invoke the curse of the god upon their heads to prove who is lying and who is telling the truth. He has thrown down the gauntlet, will the three mentioned persons in the audio take the fight to prove their innocence or guilt?

Corruption in Ghana can hardly successfully be fought except by a dictator or a nationalist military Head of State. The way it has ramified and become the very tissue fabric of the Ghanaian as exemplified by those mentioned in this article going by Tuffour’s claims, corruption in Ghana can never possibly be fought in the nation’s current democratic dispensation of the rule of law. When a farsighted president decides to fight corruption, a myopic but avaricious presidential-candidate may be promising otherwise. This makes it often very difficult to put one’s foot down to exterminate corruption from the country, especially where the law enforcement agents and the judicial system are equally corrupt.

A judge takes years to hear and rule on simple cases all because they are corrupt and sell justice to the highest bidder. The police are corrupt and unethical. Our politicians are worse with some politicians secretly taking double salary for years. If legislators are breaking the laws with impunity, why won’t the mentioned persons do as is alleged on the tape?

I shall be back on this issue because I cannot comprehend why a few people should accept bribe, go to the primaries to select someone they would otherwise not select if they had not taken bribe, to become the MP for Kumawu Sekyere Constituency. This is not right. If they should be honest, they will elect the person that most qualifies for the job.

Are the allegations against Ahomka Lindsay true? Is he claiming to have built the said factory at Drobonso and also initiated the other little government projects in the constituency? The best authority to answer that question is the government, if not His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, himself.

Lest I forget, I had also received on my WhatsApp platform how the DCE had written on his Facebook wall that the Kumawu Government Hospital was going to be finished in March 2020. However, March 2020 has come and gone with the hospital still left in its dilapidated state without the government bothering visiting the site let alone, commencing the continuation work on it. For how long will this DCE be allowed and supported by the people of the district to behave so irresponsibly without anyone stopping to question him?

Find below the audio which is in two parts.

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 25 May 2020


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