All you need to know about Ghana’s helpline for coronavirus


The Ghanaian government through the Health Ministry and other stakeholders has released a number one can call in case of a suspected case.

The number is 0509497700. Other numbers have been provided but this number is the prime one to call in case of any suspicion. called the number. Elizabeth, the health worker who answered explained that they expect the public to call the number when they have any suspicion.

When asked if people should call them before visiting any hospital, Elizabeth said “we expect people to call us first if they suspect an infection of the virus. This is because we will ask detailed questions and also show you which hospital to go to.”

She added that there are various teams handling different aspects of the preparedness against the coronavirus.

These teams include case management, surveillance, evacuation, and risk communication.

Dr Oliver Commey who is part of the case management team confirmed the number as Ghana’s helpline for the coronavirus disease. The call will then be transferred to the appropriate team which will handle the case at hand.

The case management team is involved in a patient’s recovery and discharge. The team ensures that the recovery process is completed in a safe and timely manner.

The surveillance team systematically collects and conducts an analysis of data on the virus. They also provide information to the public and other stakeholders which leads to decision making and actions on the control of the virus.

The risk communication makes sure the public receives the right information about the virus.


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