The defeat suffered by the former president, Mahama seem to have some serious impact on him,making him give certain utterances and that makes it seem he is not taken Ghana’s presidency and for that matter Ghanaians serious. It looks like the former president is not of himself, his utterances of late suggests he is either not serious or taking Ghanaians for granted which confirms the statement he made sometimes ago that “Ghanaians have short memories”.


Mr. Mahama keep promising of making it better when given the chance in 2020,this followed after same Mahama has criticized the policy right from 2008 when the NPP captured it in the 2008 manifesto.

In 2012 and 2016 election campaigns, Mahama was seen everywhere on political platforms saying Ghana can’t implement free SHS,he went on and on to say that Nana Addo was promising free SHS out of desperation to occupy the presidency and that,he was telling lies and deceiving Ghanaians with the Free SHS promises.Few months later when president Akufo Addo won power and begun with the policy,the same Mahama and his NDC cried louder to the world that Nana Addo is only implementing scholarship for selected few students and that does not meet the policy requirements as Nana Addo promised Ghanaians.He went on to say that he will cancel the policy if voted again as president of Ghana.

When Mahama later realised the policy is well embraced by Ghanaians, he quickly change his utterances and attacks on the policy and now preaching he will make the policy better. Is the former president really alright with this goal post shifting?, is he not confused?. Can Ghanaians afford to bring this man back to the presidency to destroy the free SHS?.

I am more than convinced that Mahama can’t sustain free SHS. He virtually collapsed free education in the three northern regions.His regime refused to provide the feeding grant allocations to the schools on time and on several instances the schools were closed down for none payment of the grant.If Mahama could not sustain free SHS in only the North then how convincing it is for him to be committed in sustaining free education for the entire country?. Let’s be careful with the conman.


Mr. Mahama’s regime saw a total neglect of teachers particularly on their welfare. Under his regime, young Ghanaians who were enjoying allowance as trainees in teacher training colleges were denied that opportunity,teacher trainee allowance was cancelled by Mahama and he was confident to tell Ghanaians he will rather prefer to cancel the allowance and loose the election than to sustain it and win the election.

Teachers who were transferred under Mahama’s regime were never paid their mandatory transfer allowance,it took four years of cry and complaints by the affected teachers but the Dead Goat, as he named himself never paid the allowance,Nana Addo paid after winning the 2016 election.
Some teachers worked for 3 years under Mahama’s regime but he paid only 3 months of arrears.The teacher was forced to use his salaries to provide chalk for teaching under Mahama.

With all these treatment Mahama subjected teachers through, he is today asking Ghanaians to vote for him and that he will treat teachers well than Akufo Addo.


Unemployed graduate association was the most popular youth association in the country during Mahama’s regime,a lot of youth had completed tertiary institutions without jobs,a situation that seriously threatened the peace and security of this country.There was no single policy under Mills/Mahama and Mahama’s regime to deal with youth unemployment situation, the whole 8 years of NDC was wasted without a single policy and direction on graduate youth. When Nana Akufo Addo introduced Nabco,Mahama and his group rubbished it and even discouraged these jobless youth,many of whom had completed tertiary institutions for more than 6 years without jobs not to subscribe to Nana Addo’s Nation builder’s Corps,a policy which is currently feeding a hundred thousand graduates and their families with a monthly stipends of Ghc700. He is shameless not to keep mute over Akufo Addo’s efforts to correct the mess he created and left.

Today,this same Mahama and his group who asked the jobless graduates to find asylum elsewhere in Togo if they can’t live with the conditions in Ghana is telling Ghanaians he will create more jobs for the jobless graduates. Is he really not confused?.

Mahama has nothing,absolutely nothing to offer Ghanaians, he reached the elastic limit of what his brain can offer Ghanaians before leaving office under such a disgraceful defeat.

A no to Mahama 2020 is the most patriotic thing that a true Ghanaian can do to save the future of our country.

PART 1.✌

ADAMS,Communications Director, NPP,Asante Akim south constituency.