Akufo-Addo will be punished by Ghanaians over Ghana card – NDC MP

Mr Daniel Kwasi Ashiamah, Member of Parliament for Buem constituency and Steven Siaka Member of Parliament for Jaman North constituency have expressed their varied concerns over the registration and issuance of the Ghana Card.

The exemption of the National Voter’s ID for the registration of the Ghana card has caused a hullabaloo between the minority and majority Members of Parliament and the nation as well.

In an interview on the Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Mr Ashiamah was of the view that the exemption of the National Voter’s ID in the registration of the Ghana card, is a major worry to the citizens of Ghana and this will cause disappointments in the ruling government.

This is because the same National Voter’s ID was used to vote them into power, swept them majority of seats and secured their win therefore he does not see why it has been rejected in the registration of the Ghana card.

This is the main reason for the boycott of the registration of the Ghana card by the minority and it is their duty to fight for the citizens of the nation.

He also rubbished the claims of government saying the national voter’s ID includes the registration of many foreigners, therefore birth certificates and passports will be the best options to detect a true citizen of the nation.

He stated that due to the level of our record keeping and other files any member or foreigner can claim to be born in the country and obtain a birth certificate.

Also the process of obtaining passports in the country is very poor and slow therefore not every Ghanaian can acquire a passport. he however urged that the National Voter’s ID should be included in the registration of the Ghana card.

Hon. Steven Siaka also defended the current government proving that the current National Voters ID should not be accepted because the registration was not credible when it was renewed.

The registration involved looting and biasing and qualifies as not valid because it involves a lot of foreigners.

He said the registration of the Ghana card without the national ID should not be a worry for citizens because the demand for passports and birth certificates is to assure citizens that, the Ghana card is valid and credible and will exclude foreigners from the register.

He also urged citizens to get their birth certificates and passports as soon as possible to qualify them to be registered for the Ghana card.

“Citizens should be in haste to get them as they do when travelling overseas to prevent disappointments” he noted.

Mr Kelly Brown

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