Akufo-Addo, NPP more trustworthy than NDC – Afrobarometer Report


President Akufo-Addo has been singled out as a trustworthy leader by majority of Ghanaians in the latest Afrobarometer survey, ABC News can report.

The President’s party, New Patriotic Party was also viewed by a significant percentage of Ghanaians as a trustworthy institution in the governance structure of the country.

Almost 58% of Ghanaians stated that they had ‘A lot’ of or ‘Somewhat’ trust in the President while 49% of the respondents expressed similar views about the governing New Patriotic Party.

The Army and religious leaders were the other two institutions that were ranked as most trusted institutions by Ghanaians.

The Afrobarometer Report findings concluded that opposition political parties like the National Democratic Congress, remained part of the institutions least trusted by Ghanaians.

“The Army, religious leaders, and the presidency are the most trusted public institutions (by 72%, 63%, and 58% who say they trust them “somewhat” or “a lot”), while opposition political parties (37%), local government officials (38%), and tax officials (39%) are least trusted,” the findings revealed.

This was contained in the latest Afrobarometer survey report issued by the Center for Democratic Development (CDD), in which, Ghanaians, generally, scored the government low marks regarding the fight against corruption.

Even though the Ghana Police Service was ranked among some of the most corrupt institutions, the percentage of Ghanaians who perceive them to be corrupt has seen a significant reduction from 2017.

The report observed that “Among key public officials in Ghana, the police, judges and magistrates, Members of Parliament, civil servants, and tax officials are most widely perceived as corrupt (Figure 1). But perceived corruption among the police has declined slightly compared to 2017.”

It also noted that even though many people may have encountered situations where bribes are requested before services rendered, many Ghanaians are afraid to report cases of corruption for fear of victimisation.

“Six in 10 Ghanaians (61%) believe they risk retaliation or other negative consequences if they report incidents of corruption. Only one-third (34%) say they can report corruption without fear of retaliation” the report concluded.

Source: ABCNewsGh.com 


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