It been two weeks now, since the airbus scandal broke out in this country, and we are yet to hear from the former president under whose regime this brouhaha is said to have happened.

We, Western Alliance for Npp Governance wish to call on the former President John Dramani Mahama, under whose tenure this corrupt scandal is said to have happened from the period 2009 to 2015, to speak and address the Nation about what he knows on these Airbus corrupt scandal.

Since former President Mahama, under the period stated in the airbus judgement was part of the highly influentials in decision making from 2009 to 2012, and from the period, 2013 to 2016 was the number one influential in decision making in the country.

Western Alliance, observing the airbus judgement carefully believes former President Mahama has some questions to answer the nation on the matter. Whilst we don’t want to prejudice or pointificate him of any wrong doing, Alliance is of the opinion that, the former President has some pertinent answers to give the nation.

Looking at the JoyNews investigations that have uncovered exclusive details on the leadership of two companies registered in Ghana and the United Kingdom (UK) that were involved in the Airbus scandal that saw bribes paid to obtain contract tells why President Mahama must speak to the Nation.

According to the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) by JoyNews, Deedum Limited had three directors namely Nana Kwaku Donkor, company secretary; Philip Sean Middlemiss, director and Samuel Adam Mahama, director.

Again, JoyNews checks on online sources reveal that, on February 10, 2010, Deedum Limited was incorporated with three directors; Leanne Sarah Davis, company secretary, Philip Sean Middlemiss, director and Samuel Adam Foster, director. These two companies have some things in common.

Apart from sharing a director, its registered address in the UK, 6th Square, Ringley Chase Whitefield, Manchester is the same address Middlemiss gave as his usual residential address when he presented himself to be the director of Deedum Limited Ghana.

Further checks on the directors show that Samuel Adam Foster had the same address as Samuel Adam Mahama, 19 Avenue Road Penge, London.

Also, the address Samuel Adam Mahama gave when he was registering as director of Deedum Limited in Ghana was 19 Avenue Road Penge, London.

As we all know in the airbus court judgement, “intermediary 5” is said to be a relative of the ELECTED government officials. The ELECTED government official according to the court judgement is said to have been a key decision maker in the purchase of the military aircrafts. The description given by court with regards to “Intermediary 5” and how he was brought to London and lost touch with his family, was the same description former president Mahama in page 260 of his book titled, My First Coup d’etat gave concerning his lost found brother Samuel Mahama.

Based on this, and other incontrovertible and undeniable fact in the Airbus scandal judgement, we once again, call on the former President Mahama to come out and address the nation about what he knows on the whole Airbus brouhaha.

With all due respect to the former President as a high ranked public figure to come out and clear the air on the issues at hand or face the anger of concerned Ghanaians.

Thank you.

God bless Ghana!
God bless the NPP!!
And, God bless the Western Alliance for NPP GOVERNANCE!!!


Yaw Marvin
Director of Operations and Communications

John Ansah
Executive Chairman

Henry Osei Boateng
Director of Programs

Gregory Otoo
Director of Policy Analyst

Vivian Billins Nyam
Director of Women Affairs

Kwame General
Executive Member


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