It is worth reiterating the fact that our NDC friends have lost the script on this Airbus saga that has engulfed Mahama and his sibling.

Instead of adopting rectitudinous posturing,they are spurring John Mahama on to treat the matter with disdain.

When Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Deputy Attorney General intimated that the SFO of the UK has been contacted by the Government of Ghana to supply the country with all the detailed information about the matter in issue which would eventually lead to the unraveling of the mystery behind Government Official 1 and his relative, Intermediary 5, communicators of the party have been making submissions which are completely poles apart from the gravamen of the issue.

Edudzi Tamaklo held the point that some of the people who were involved in the transactions have even been working for this administration. He sought to create the mistaken impression that the issues under discussion encompass other officials at the time and so if wrongs were committed, those people should be held responsible.

They simply don’t get the drift. Airbusgate is not about any official of the state at the time. It is about Mahama and the kickbacks he received through his younger brother, Samuel Mahama.

Airbus is about the influence peddling that went on during the period. It is about how Mahama appointed his own brother to be the go-between in a transaction which he virtually approved. It is about JM using Samuel Mahama as a smokescreen to perpetrate such a grievous and weighty sin against the nation.

Airbus is about how Mahama, knowing very well that he would take the final decision, approached the aerospace manufacturer, introduced his brother to them to deal with him through Samuel, coming back home, inflating the contract sum and some of the windfall being used to pay him through his brother.

In the three courts, the key roles played by Intermediary 5 and Government Official 1 were the matters in issue, not any other extraneous ones. Airbus is John Mahama and nobody else.

Godfred Dame’s statement has got panic course through their veins. They cannot withstand what the coming weeks hold in store for their candidate. Mahama is simply an unwholesome product that no damage control or antics can whiten.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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