Ripples of anguish course through the hearts of the leadership of the opposition NDC whenever the Vice President of the Republic, Mahamudu Bawumia butchers their propagandistic sermons with his fact-based and analytical renditions into the dustbin.

Vice President Bawumia, responded to the flagbearer of the NDC over his diatribes and deceptive remarks to the effect that Ghana’s economy is on ventilators in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

While at it, Dr. Bawumia relied on data to make his submissions and challenged the NDC and their never-do-well flagbearer to present counter figures to dwarf his to the sidelines.

Comparing the COVID-19 pandemic to the self-inflicted power crisis dubbed dumsor, a legacy of Mahama that sent the economy on the path of perdition, the great economist asked the former president and his lieutenants to tell us what mitigative measures they rolled out when dumsor was plaguing us in relation to the free water and electricity tariffs the Akufo-Addo administration has given to the people in this COVID-19 era.

This otherwise ‘harmless’ challenge has riled the kingpins in the opposition party. Almost every NDC top gun has turned into an attack dog, aiming to tear Dr. Bawumia apart over his sound delivery which has made nonsense of Mahama’s cynical allusion to the economy being on ventilators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isaac Adongo was on a radio station insulting Dr. Bawumia instead of giving us counter figures. Of course, they have no figures to give because what the Vice President used are without blemishes.

Ato-Forson would write a long thesis which contained nothing economics or how an economy is managed. Cassiel Ato-Forson failed to tackled the challenge thrown to them by the Vice President of the Republic.

Then came Professor Kwamena Ahwoi who jumped on the bandwagon with perspectives which defy explanations.

The NDC kingpin expressed his disgust at the ‘naked’ politics of the Vice President, saying it is not needed at this time of the day. If dishonesty doesn’t sit deeply in his heart, Prof. Ahwoi would have condemned Mahama because he introduced politics into this whole battle in the first place. Mahama taking swipes at the Akufo-Addo administration did not attract his attention but a befitting response to him is condemnable?

Prof. Ahwoi also asked if people died under dumsor as compared to what is pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. In essence, Ahwoi is blaming the Akufo-Addo administration for people dying out of the deadly coronavirus pandemic and claiming that same cannot be said about dumsor.

I needed to pinch myself to realize if I were not in a trance reading that portion because, in my considered view, such a question should have come from Atubiga or any of these unintelligent NDC communicators out there.

How could someone like Kwamena Ahwoi seek to create a relationship between dumsor which was avoidable and was caused by Mahama’s incompetence and the novel coronavirus pandemic which has hit the whole world extremely hard?

Dumsor was man-made, in fact, a Mahama manufactured crisis whereas COVID-19 is a pestilence whose origins are not known to man.

During the dumsor debacle, were there other countries which got affected by that crisis? No! It was a Ghanaian problem brought upon us by the incompetent management of the Mahama administration.

As for his claim that nobody died under dumsor, the least said about it, the better. Even a five year old chap would not say this. Dumsor killed people, businesses and dreams.

In all these, they have all failed to respond to Dr. Bawumia’s question of the NDC naming one policy introduced to cushion Ghanaians when dumsor made slaves of us. They have no answer because they did nothing in that direction.

Bawumia speaks and the entire NDC catch cold! He remains their nemesis and that explains why they have been attacking him instead of engaging him intellectually. He towers above them in intellectual analysis and economic management strategies.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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