Adebayor’s style will see him on the bench in Europe – Inter Allies coach


Inter Allies coach Henrick Peters says Nigerian International Victorien Adebayor has a lot to learn before he can play in elite football in Europe.

According to him, the media should stop making him look like a king as he has to do more to get to that level.

Adebayor assisted in Sunday’s game against Hearts of Oak at the Accra Sports Stadium which ended in a draw.

Coach Henrik Peters was not impressed with the output of the player, especially on his defensive duties.

Peters told reporters at the post-match conference that Adebayor has a lot of things to improve upon in order for him to succeed when the time comes for him to play in Europe.

“He is very important and he scores a lot of goals and when he doesn’t score he assists.

“You always talk about Adebayor, if you really know more about football today what then happened in the last hour of the game against Hearts. He didn’t do anything”.

“I like him as person but he has so much to learn in the game. Not many coaches will make him play like this. I am a coach from Europe, if he plays like this in Europe he will be sitting on the bench all the time. I always talk to him about it”.

“As a player he has so much to learn before he can go and play in Europe. Down here he can make a lot of goals and be a king, but he has to learn how to play both ways.

“For offense he can play in the Premier League but defense and mentality he has a lot of things to learn”, he concluded.

Peters admitted Adebayor is a fantastic player and he will work with him to improve



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