1. Institution of an annual Free Vacation Classes and Free Exercise Books for Pre-SHS and SHS students in the Constituency;
• Agogo and Hwidiem Zone
• Owereman Zone (Domeabra, Pekyerekye, Adiembra, Juansa)
• Amantenaman Zone (Behwe, Dawereso, Amantena, Nyinamponase, Akutuase, Wioso, Wuraponso).
Approximately 2000 students attended these classes during the period.
2. Institution of Scholarship Scheme for brilliant students attending SHS within the Asante Akyem North Constituency.
3. Provided Financial Assistance to over 350 Students.
4. Donation of laptops;
• To the best students of Agogo Presbyterian College of Education
• To 4 students within the community
• One laptop to the best student for a quiz organized during 2014 Easter at Juansa
• Five laptops to Hwidiem Methodist JHS
• Two laptops to Wuraponso D/A JHS
5. Purchase of Motors for Circuit Supervisors in the District Education Office.
6. Work-in-progress for the construction of a 6 bedroom teachers quarters at Domeabra
7. Donation of 100 bags of cement for the construction of Teachers Quarters at Hwidiem.
8. Bought airline ticket for a constituent who had an admission at a school in South Africa.

9. Adoption of Agogo Presbyterian Hospital Children Ward.
10. Donation of 42 inch Flat Screen TV and Multi TV decoder to Agogo Presbyterian Hospital Out Patients Department (OPD).
11. Purchased an Ambulance for Juansa Health Centre.
12. Construction of a CHPS compound at Wioso, which was 80% completed as at the time of leaving office.
13. Purchase of canopies and chairs for the newly created National Health Insurance Office at Agogo.
14. Conversion of the Post Office at Akutuase into a health centre

15. Roofing of the New Police Station at Agogo at a cost of GH₵30, 000.
16. Rehabilitation of 18 kilometer road from Bebome Junction to Oseikrom.
17. Donation of over 300 complete street lights to Assembly Members in the Asante Akyem North District.
18. Donation of Computers to selected Institutions in Asante Akyem North Constituency. The institutions are as follows:
• Ghana Police Service
• Agogo Magistrate Court
• National Service Secretariat
• Ghana Education Service
• Owerriman Senior High School
19. Construction of a Urinal for Agogo Magistrate Court.
20. Donation of cements to various communities in the Constituency
• Amantena – 30 bags
• Nyinamponase – Opanyin Mark Church – 100 bags
• Domeabra – 150 bags
• Hwidiem – 70 bags of cement and 2 trips of sand for the construction of Ultra-Modern Party Office
• Afrisere – 20 bags of cement
• Abrewapon – 20 bags
• Ebenezer Preparatory School, Agogo – 10 bags
21. Sponsorship of 2013 Farmers Day celebration at Amantena by providing following;
• Ten Spraying Machines
• Ten Wallington Boots
• Weedicides
• One hundred and fifty Cutlasses
22. Donation to Churches across the Constituency in cash and in kind:
• Pentecost Church – Cash donation
• Apostolic Church – Cash donation and a motorbike for a new Pastor transferred to a rural area
• Methodist Church – Cash donation
• Hwidiem Methodist – Cash donation
• Presby Church – Cash donation and 52 inch Flat Screen TV
• Loving Care Bread Ministry – Cementing of Temple floor
• Roofing of a Mosque at Ananekrom
• Saviour Church – Cash donation
23. Donation of 300 sets of Jerseys and over 30 footballs to teams across the Constituency.
24. Donation of Hair Dryers to the Agogo Hair Dressers Association.
25. Donation of Sewing Machines to some needy apprentices.
26. Aiding a number of youth to be trained in various skilled works.
27. Collaborated with Agogo World Wide (AWA) to repair the Agogo High Street lighting system.
28. Various monetary contributions in combating the Fulani epidemic in my constituency.

29. Renovated and Refurbished the Party Office at Agogo.
30. Purchased a Bolero 4X4 vehicle for the daily activities of the Party.
31. Payment of monthly allowance to the Front Desk Officer at the Party Office and allowance to Party Secretary.
32. Payment of all expenses incurred during the revision of the Voter’s Register.
33. Payment of all expenses incurred during the NPP Presidential Primaries held at Agogo Community Centre.

In collaboration with the Asante Akyem North District Assembly, the following projects and social interventions were undertaken. These projects were at various stages of completion.

• Construction of 6- unit classroom block
• Procurement of 480 dual desks for schools in Agogo
• Construction of 3 bedroom Teachers quarters at Hwidiem
• Construction of 6 bedroom teachers quarters at Amantenaman
• Construction of 6 bedroom teachers quarters at Domeabra SDA
• Initiated the Construction of Asante Akyem North District Assembly Office Block at Agogo
• Reshaping of 1Km Hwidiem by-pass
• Reshaping of Magyeda – Agogo feeder road
• Construction of 3- unit classroom block with offices, stores, library and 4-seater Aqua Privy toilet facility at Wioso
• Renovation of 4 Public Toilets at Agogo and Juansa

34. Construction of CHPS Compound and nurses quarters at Pekyerekye
35. Construction of CHPS compound, nurses quarters and open shed with a walk way at Bebome
36. Construction of 2 bedroom semi-detached quarters at Agogo.