Accra is choked, move capital – Awulah Serwah to govt


Eco-conscious Citizens Founder and Co-ordinator Awula Serwah has called for Ghana’s capital Accra to be moved to a fresh, well planned location.

Her call comes on the back of the poor sanitation situation in Accra, as well as the pressure on lands and commercial activities.

She noted that building an eco-friendly city, well-planned and structured with proper zoning would be the way to go, and subsequently Accra can be dealt with.

Speaking on sanitation in Accra on Starr FM’s Analysis Saturday, she said “I think another problem that is mitigating against having the results that we want is that a lot of people have come to Accra because there are no jobs everywhere. And when they come, they need a place to live, it might be a kiosk, the facilities are not there and then it continues the whole circle.”

“She went on “maybe a case should be made for moving the capital out of Accra and then we start afresh. It used to be cape Coast before. Accra has not always been the capital. We can think of that and start afresh, have a properly planned, a green city where we look at eco-friendly measures and so on. People are suggesting Kintampo.”

“As we speak right now, we are trying to build on greenbelt. We are trying to build on parks. there’s Tse-addo in la, a mangrove, and we are tying to build an estate there.”

Madam Awula further explained “so many things are happening because of the pressure on lands. So, I am seriously suggesting that the capital should be moved somewhere else. Give Accra a rest. And then maybe later on try and see what we can do about Accra.


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