A Wicked Uncle Colludes with Kumawu Chiefs to Usurp his Niece’s Building Plot to Give to his “Italian Burger” Son

The ongoing true story of an uncle in Kumawu colluding with Kumawu chiefs to have his “French burger” niece’s building plot in Kumawu sold to his “Italian burger” son has rattled many a Kumawuman citizen. A woman from Kumawu but residing in Paris has bought an adjacent building plot to her house in Kumawu from its owner since seven years ago with all the authentic papers covering the sale of the land to her, or the property deed, in her possession.
However, her extended family member of the status of an uncle, hereby called by his initials as “K. F”, has condoned and connived with the Kumawu Traditional Council presided over by Dr Yaw Sarfo, the self-styling Kumawu paramount chief (Kumawuhene), to sell the same piece of building land (plot) to the uncle’s son residing and working in Italy. All her crops, plantain, cassava, cocoyam etc., have been bulldozed by the “Italian burger”. The Kumawu chiefs have ordered the woman not to step on the plot even though she has made preparations to start developing the land with trips of sand, etc., already on the land.
Among the sub-chiefs understood to be vociferously warning the woman, her agents and assigns, not to step on the land but to leave it for the “Italian burger” is Kwame Tawiah, the Saanahene. The greed and depiction of insane audacity by these chiefs defy common sense. I just laugh when I see and hear them exhibit their lack of intelligence and wisdom.
What is so shocking is, when the woman’s immediate uncle (K. B) in Kumawu noticed her niece’s plot cleared of everything on it, he was alarmed. He ran to report it to his senior brother, the said extended family member whose son is the “Italian burger”, and requested him to assist him find out who is forcibly taking over the ownership of his niece’s plot. The senior uncle pretended not to know who was doing that but always gave excuses not to be able to accompany him in his pursuits to find out who was about to repossess his niece’s plot illegally. He would rather ask another junior member of the family to assist.
This nominated junior member (K. A) who knew from the outset that it was the senior uncle’s son in Italy who had secretly arranged with the Kumawu chiefs to be sold the plot, never disclosed it to the immediate uncle of the real owner of the plot. However, he, “K. A”, ended up stealing the photocopies of the deeds from “K. B’s” room. He would then repeatedly ask the real junior brother (K. O) of the woman, living in Kumawu if they have papers covering the plot.
As the truth will always out, it has now come to light in the end that the extended family uncle, hereby called by his initials as “K. F” was the one who secretly went to see the Kumawu chiefs to sell the plot to his son, although knowing very well that the plot belongs to his niece. And, as stupid as the chiefs are without knowing the importance of genuine documents, thus deed, the date of issue, etc., did agree to sell the plot to the “Italian burger” after probably having their palms greased with wads of Cedis or Euros, as corrupt and shamelessly lacking respectability as they are.
Some people are suggesting that the real owner goes to court to reclaim her land. No, she should not go to court to spend even a pesewa on a lawyer. The judge may be bought over by the chiefs to side with them. However, she should wait for the “Italian burger” to start developing the plot and once his house gets to the door lintel, then she arranges people to knock it down. The onus will then be on the “Italian burger” to prove that the plot belongs to him. He will lodge a complaint with the courts that someone has destroyed his property. It is here that dates of acquisition of the plot will be considered and French, Italian and British intelligence will collide to see “who is who” and who is more intelligent.
I have seen people build a house to a certain level and pull it down for some reasons to restart it. If this is possible in the construction industry, then the “Italian burger” should think and look before he leaps or else, he will end up biting his fingers in regret.
There are many options to take to resolve this case. It can be brought to the attention of some Ghana radio stations like Nhyira FM.
The Kumawu chiefs should please not soil the little reputation they have left by foolishly allowing the pangs of their stomach, rather then their heads, to dictate to them. The names of all those involved will be mentioned in my next publication should I be given the green light to do so by the woman whose plot is being usurped. Have we seen how our own family members can be very wicked towards us?
If I had my own way, I would advise the “French burger” not to let her wicked uncle use his stupid typical Ghanaian-wicked-mindedness to deprive her of her plot even if the plot worth nothing. It is our attitudes of “I live it to Providence”, “I don’t want any trouble” etc., that have empowered wicked people in the Ghanaian society to continue to commit crimes with impunity. Nobody wants trouble. Nobody loves going looking for trouble but when trouble does come, deal with it squarely!
Rockson Adofo
Thursday, 13 February 2020


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