Within a matter of two weeks, the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with net worth of $60b, spent $700m on campaign adverts with the hope of winning the Democratic primaries but he did not get any vote in caucus elections so far held, forcing him to abandon his ambition.

The man finds himself in a country where the social net ensures a minimum level of decent living for even those without jobs by giving them job-seekers allowances, food stamps, soup kitchens etc., and for that reason, people make decisions based on conviction and not pangs of hunger in the belly.

Had Michael Bloomberg been African wanting to be president, his enormous wealth would have succeeded in building an elaborate network of gaping sycophants with no integrity and a shred of patriotism, but motivated purely by greed, to work their socks-off and made him president.

In one of our lectures on the topic of International Human Rights Law, at GIMPA, a lecturer once took us through a critique and contextualization of the Free SHS policy and his conclusion was that “this will result in a socioeconomic reconstruction of the Ghanaian society”.

He said “the fruits of this policy will elevate Ghana to the point of being counted among the club of emerging powers competing with global powers on equal terms”. He concluded that “even the government doesn’t seem to grasp this fact and therefore not communicating same”.

This is the society a man born with silver spoon in his mouth, literally, is building for present generation of Ghanaians and those yet unborn. On the contrary, we have had leaders born in mengers, euphemistically, but looted State coffers and said FREE SHS is possible in a 1000years hence.

Indeed, a time will come where the Ghanaian society will be so much elevated, intellectually, that, elections will be held with no party polling agents, let alone machomen, because ordinary Ghanaians will be so empowered to fend for themselves that no stupid fools can manipulate them.

It is for this reason that I shall never stop reminding those of us appointees of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, of what the man once told us “FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE OF GHANA TO REAP THE FULL BENEFITS OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE, NPP MUST GOVERN FOR 20YEARS.

Newton-Offei Justice Abeeku
email: justnoff@yahoo.com


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