A/R:Lina Energy Tea Boost Immune System Against Coronavirus-Dr Caeser Hints.


A/R:Lina Energy Tea Boost Immune System Against Coronavirus-Dr Caeser Hints.

The management of M.Y Ceasar Ventures, the producers of Lina Energy Tea, Lina green tea, and many others, have initiated a policy of distributing Lina Energy Tea to Ghanaians on daily basis in enabling boosting and improving immune system to strengths body energy especially the public servants.

The above steps has compelled the CEO of the above-mentioned company, Dr. Caeser to called on government to give a second thought on the patronize of Lina Energy tea as an antidote to the recent deadly virus, Covid19.

According to him, the virus which mostly attacked person with weak immune system would have to patronize the Lina Energy Tea as a source of immune booster in prevention of contacting the disease.

Dr. Caeser disclosed this to journalist at a presentation of 20 packs of Lina Energy Tea to the Ashanti Regional forestry commission and 30 packs also donated to the management of and passengers at Asafo VIP bus terminal in combating the fight of Coronavirus.

As part of the presentation, he donated almost 10 packs of the Lina Energy Tea to some selected Kumasi journalists to be the ambassadors of the products since they considered as mouth piece of the masses.

Dr Caeser is one of the leading advocates of the intake of food supplements for a successful healthy living after establishing way back 2005.

According to him, Lina Energy Tea is not a prescribed medicine for the treatment of Coronavirus but rather boosts the immune system which prevents the body to contact the virus.

He however entreat Ghanaians to patronize the product predominantly in ensuring their well conditioned to carry out task successfully without falling in a victim of Coronavirus pandemic.


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