A River of Rubbish Mysteriously Appears in Accra, the Capital City of Ghana



Has the Almighty God this time around  not been kind to the most prayerful Christian nation on the surface of the earth? Many a Ghanaian claims on authority that Ghana is a Christian country. Churches are springing up on daily basis like mushroom, if not like vermin; with every Tom, Dick and Harry calling themselves pastors, prophets and evangelists. Many Ghanaians spend most of their time praying, visiting the church in the morning, afternoon and evening, almost every day of the week. This is how Christian and/or Islamic the Ghanaian is.

These same holier than thou Ghanaians, have by their disgusting attitudes frowned upon in any civilized country in the world, brought about the appearance of a mysterious stream of rubbish when it rained in Accra in this last week of February 2020.


Ghanaians throw rubbish anywhere without the slightest care about the environment and their neighbours. In Accra especially, people are known to chuck away their rubbish into the gutters, thus the open drainage systems, when it rains heavily. No wonder that by their deplorable attitudes, there has come a visitation of punishment on them by the appearance of this stream of rubbish.

It is a disgrace that a city promised to be the cleanest city is now the dirtiest city in Africa going by the sight of this river of rubbish. Why would the American President, Donald Trump, not call African countries shitholes if we could consciously create heaps of rubbish to culminate in a river as seen in the video?

We are all blameable as Ghanaians and must bow down our heads in shame! While this is not to be politicised but solved in what is a clarion call of “all hands on deck”, I call on the President to hold to account the Sector Minister of Environment or the Mayor of Accra or the Municipal & Metropolitan Chief Executives responsible for this eyesore sight that has shamed the nation.

What have they been doing all this while when rubbish has been piling up in the city to result in a stream of rubbish that is having many a person overseas seen it open their mouth in doubt and teasing us?

What is the contracted nation-wide cleaning company Zoomlion doing? Are they paid for no job done? Who is supervising that they do their job properly? Heads must roll to serve a bitter lesson to those employed to do a job but rather choose to do it anyhow and get away with it.

Until Ghanaians change their collective unhelpful attitudes to think first about the collective interests of Ghanaians and mother Ghana before their personal interests, I say, this river is just the tip of the iceberg; worse things are yet to happen.

Nobody should dare score a cheap political point out of this. It is the disgraceful collective irresponsibility of Ghanaians that has brought about this shameful river of rubbish that we are seeing today. However, the President has the obligatory duty to punish whoever did not do their job properly to bring about this shame upon Ghana.

The sightings of many ignominious activities going on in Ghana, especially in Accra, will make one feel nauseous, if not puke, instantly. Water pipes carrying potable water to people’s homes are laid in rubbish cum mice infested gutters (open sewers). Watch the video headlined “The Negligence of the Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation”

The Negligence of the Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation

Whoever reads this publication should please forward it to the attention of His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for him to take action against those who should have proactively acted to avoid what we are seeing today, a river of rubbish in Accra. Unless people are punished through sacking for being lazy, not doing the job for which they are employed to do to the standard expectation, there will be more such rivers to appear not only in Accra, but also in other cities and towns in Ghana.

Rockson Adofo

Saturday, 29 February 2020


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