COVID-19, a very deadly global pandemic to hit the 21st century has come with itself a collective consciousness of global security and the global fight against racial discrimination. This virus, as deadly as it is, is making and has made scientific drug research a more than tedious task for experts.

Up until now, the central cause of this deadly pandemic has not been ascertained except of predictions. The world’s inability to discover with precision the cause of this virus is probably (not scientifically proven) the reason for our science’s inability to discover a cure. To many, only God can bring a cure.

Making a case with some few selected countries which are hit with this deadly COVID-19, it would be understood that, but for the collective efforts put in place by governments of various nations, the human race would have been far wiped off from the surface of the earth. Interestingly, this has been one of the times the world has unified than ever.

The lesson is weightier for the future with respect to the improvement of systems required for any unforseen emergencies. COVID-19 is not an end to global pandemics. It is probably only a beginning of what we should expect for the future. The world must be on guard.

The world’s hard hit countries, including China, Italy, Germany, USA, North Korea, Russia, India, and many others paved magnificent way for others to follow in terms of measures to curbing the pandemic. Stringent measures, cutting across the globe have been announced. Some of these measures, like the total lockdown of many countries have been described as draconian.

However, in times like this, draconian measures such as what we see become the option A, B and C. Other measures such as the closing down of schools, banning of social gatherings, setting up quarantine facilities, regular use of hand sanitizers, etc are equally helping in the fight against the further spread of the virus.

The world has been hard hit. Regardless the pain inflicted on us by COVID-19, it’s opened the doors for actors of global security to realign diplomacy and diplomatic relations towards a more comprehensive, collective and united movement. In these times, there is only but a one world fight against a deadly pandemic, COVID-19.

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