A letter to our communicators


A letter to our communicators


Dear communicators, Attacking a woman is not the Ghanaian thing, so let’s be careful in handling the running mate of JM, please do not attack Prof Jane, the agenda of JM in selecting Jane as the running mate is for the NPP to attack her and in so doing, will win the sympathy of Ghanaians,since Ghanaians cannot stand to see or hear that a woman is being abused or attacked by society,they will stand up for the woman no matter what, because she is a woman.so let’s please not attack her but rather hammer on the harm she caused when she was the education minister.

1.she presided over the progressively free S.H.S and she failed.
Now, we are all witnesses to the free S.H.S our brothers and sisters are enjoying now.
2.Teachers were paid only three months arrears when they had worked for three years.
The NPP government is now paying the legacy arrears and teachers are happy.
3.Teachers incremental jump in salary ceased without explanation.
4.Teachers and nurses trainees allowance was cancelled.

The NPP government promised to restore and they have restored it.
5.Research and book allowance for tertiary institutions lecturers were cancelled.
She did more damage to the educational system, we can still add to the list. If Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman could not deliver at the education ministry can she deliver when given the nod to handle our beloved country Ghana?
She who is able to work with less, is given much to work with.



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