A Child of Two and a Half years goes Missing at Ntunkumso in Effiduase Ashanti


On Friday, 6 March 2020, a kindergarten-going child of two and a half years went missing from school at Ntunkumso near Effiduase in the Ashanti region.

The child is allegedly noted for escaping from school to go to his house nearby if the teacher took their eyes off him for a few minutes.

The child went missing in the afternoon and all attempts by the volunteering village folk of the close-knit community to find him have turned out fruitless. They have since Friday afternoon when the news of his missing broke out been combing the nearby and far away bushes and villages in case they could find him but to no avail.

It has been reported to the Effiduase police station with announcements made on the local community radio stations yet he has not been found.

I will suggest as follows to the police to help with their search for the missing child. They should ask for all the criminals in Ntunkumso and its environs and assume them for potential culprits.

They are to interview them, ask for alibi from each of them about their movements on that Friday. Which of them had been at Ntunkumso, where, how, at what time and why? This will help them to scale down the number of suspects through what is investigation elimination process.

Once the number is whittled down to about three following the interview, the police must conduct intensive search of their homes to remove materials like clothing and others for further forensic examination in case any of them contains the child’s DNA.

The police must find out if there is any so-called powerful pastor, prophet, mallam, juju man or fetish shrine in the area that is suspected to use human parts for their job to conduct a search of their premises. Has any pastor built a new altar since Friday, 6 March 2020? If yes, a search must be done there. It is alleged in Ghana some pastors bury children and pregnant women alive under altars to give them powers.

Is there anyone in or around Ntunkumso suspected of seeking quick wealth through the means of juju (voodoo) called in the local parlance as “sikaduro”? If yes, hold that person a suspect for investigations.  This is because such persons are alleged to use human parts and other things to acquire their wealth.

Finally, there is a young man at Ntunkumso who has recently been stealing sheep to sell outside Ntunkumso. Within the last two weeks or so, he has stolen a number of sheep. Luckily, he has been caught. The local assemblymen are handling his case as I write. Could the police find out why his recent spate of sheep thefts, where he sells the sheep and what he uses the money for?

He is said to have stolen a sheep from around the school where the child attends school and where the child lives about a week ago.

How I wish Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) could step in to help with this investigation as I trust his investigation prowess.

I pray the child is found alive but the chance of finding him alive is slimmer since it is four days today that he went missing.

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 9 March 2020


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