726 coronavirus cases unaccounted for in latest GHS update


There seem to be some discrepancies in the figures put out by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) on July 31 and August 1 as regards the country’s cumulative Coronavirus cases.

On Friday, July 31, GHS announced via its website that 359 new infections had been confirmed, sending the total number of cases to 35,501. The death toll which was 175 also increased by 7. With 32,096 recoveries/discharge, the country was left with 3,223 active cases.

GHS however announced on Saturday that 787 new cases had been confirmed.

“A total of 787 new cases were reported on July 30, 2020. These are samples that were taken from the period 30 June to 28 July 2020… but reported from the lab on July 30,” it said on its website.

Per the development, the cumulative figure is supposed to be 36,288 considering that before the 787 cases, the total number of confirmed cases stood at 35,501.

GHS’s website however has 37,014 as the cumulative figure instead of 36,288.

It is instructive to note that the sum of the number of deaths (182), Recoveries/Discharges (33,365) and Active Cases (3,467) is 37,014. If these figures are anything to go by, the New Cases should be 1,513 instead of 787.

Checks on GHS’s verified Twitter handle revealed there was no update to account for the 726 ‘missing’ cases.

Meanwhile, below are the cumulative cases per region as stated on GHS website.

Greater Accra Region – 18,882

Ashanti Region – 9,328

Western Region – 2,687

Central Region – 1,493

Eastern Region – 1,457

Volta Region – 605

Bono East Region – 511

Bono Region – 439

Western North Region – 393

Northern Region – 354

Upper East Region – 282

Ahafo Region – 232

Oti Region – 192

Upper West Region – 88

Savannah Region – 62

North East Region – 9


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