Reforming the Education Sector for Effective Service Delivery: Assessing Progress

Venue: Accra International Conference Centre

Dates Tuesday 27th-Wednesday 28th October 2020

Guest of Honour: President Akufo-Addo


The Ministry of Education holds the National Education Week (NEW) annually to engage stakeholders in the review of sector performance and collectively strategize towards the attainment of sector targets in the ensuing year. The 2018 and 2019 theme for NEW focused on sector reform for effective service delivery as outlined in the Education Sector Plan (ESP) 2018-2030. Accordingly, extensive work has and is accountability, the Ministry seeks to engage stakeholders in assessing progress made against the reforms.

During the last few years, focus has been place on various reforms and key interventions necessary to achieve the targets of the ESP 2010-2020, and the revised ESP 2018-2030.

To keep up with the ever-changing world that we live in, assessing progress is necessary. This needs to be done in relation to research and practices that have the potential to improve access to quality education for all children in Ghana.

This is especially relevant with the current need to respond to the public health crisis of COVID-19 within the education sector and mitigate both the health and socio-economic impacts resulting from the virus, lockdowns and social distancing.

Lessons from the past and current initiatives and innovations abound. The current global situation offers a rich source of knowledge and experience that the Ministry could adapt and incorporate in assessing sector reforms in order to leapfrog the challenges that currently confront the sector to improve service delivery and achieve learning goals in record time.

With COVID-19 and school closures affecting the majority of children in the world, there is currently a huge amount of thinking, collaboration, innovation, experimentation and research occurring in Ghana and across all countries to enable education, teaching and learning to still happen in the context of COVID-19.

This combined presents a critical opportunity to have new conversations about education reform and delivery, assessing progress so far, and what needs to be changed in order to plan for the future.

The structure of the NEW 20202 is as follows;

Day One: Education Day (Start: 9am)
The opening ceremony will be followed by an Education Fair at the foyer of the conference centre. All implementing agencies of the Ministry will mount booths to showcase their achievements over the period 2017-2020. The objective is to afford stakeholders and the general public the opportunity to assess sector performance and the delivery of programmes across all sub-sectors.

Day Two: Assessing Reforms (Start 9am)
The second day will review and assess four(4) reform areas and the Ministry’s Covid-19 response through plenary session and panel discussions. The panel discussions are intended to discuss progress and challenges in the specified reform areas and identify the next steps, with recommendations on the way forward.


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