2020 election: NDC ‘bleeds’ in the Savannah region, as supporter’s join ruling party


The New Patriotic Party in the Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency held a short induction ceremony at Kuporto in the Dambolto Electoral Area for about eighty five (85) Young men and Women who has deserted the NDC for NPP.

The ceremony which was intended to be as very simple and modest as possible ended up attracting the entire community, it was engulfed with excitement, jubilation and appreciation chants in honour of the NPP’s good works in the community within three (3) years in office.

The NPP parliamentary candidate Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini and the DCE Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa were mobbed and given a heroic welcome into Kuporto community.

The youth group numbering more than 85 some of whose members forms part of the rapid response and dispatch riding team of the NDC in the Dambolto Electoral Area. It’s lead by Abudu Ibrahim a.k.a Lion as chairman, Draman Baba Haruna as Secretary and Mashud Siisu as organizer says they have had enough of the disrespect and discrimination of the current MP Hon Obei and the NDC as a party taking them for granted by using and dumping them. According to them, they have found the NPP very attractive and proactive in the course of it’s members citing the numerous jobs and various opportunities their colleagues have had ever since the NPP came into office.

They cited the payment of school fees of some of their siblings by the DCE and the NPP candidate, jobs, 1V-1D initiative for the Kuporto community, construction of a clinic e.t.c as some of the reasons they have alienated the NDC. “We have also heard the DCE is working hard towards our electricity, and very soon polls will be mounted in Kuporto for the very first time” in the words of Mashud Siisu organizer of the youth group.

The chairman of the group (Abudu Ibrahim Lion) recounted his painful experiences for supporting a wrong party (NDC) hoping that nobody will henceforth even remind him of ever been an NDC member before in order to avoid revoking bad energy in him. Iddrisu Abubakari Sadik, a member was emotional with teary eyeballs testifying how wasteful their support and sacrifices for the NDC has rendered them with no future hope for both social and personal development.

According to him, he finally gave up on his former political party (NDC) when his father and family uncle were both striped off their executive positions in the party without any justifiable reason citing vindictiveness on the part of Hon Obei the current MP.

The DCE Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa and Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini both thanked them for their bold and wise decision, the days of supporting a political party for the sake of heart desires and colours are no more relevant but strictly for both social and personal development says Hon Red Bawa.

Alhaji Mahama Asei Seini assured the youth group and that of the Kuporto community, that he will continue to do his very best for people in the constituency and asked them to maintain their support by translating it into valid votes for H.E Akuffo Addo and himself as MP. The group vowed to do everything within their means and capacity to make Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini as MP for Daboya/Mankarigu and retain H.E Akuffo Addo for four (4) more years come December, 2020.

Source: NPP Daboya/Mankarigu communications directorate


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