Human nature being what it is, one tends to be frustrated when disappointment knocks at his door. When people feel let down as a result of an unrealized dream, they pour out their frustrations.

Many a time, they graduate from their state of disappointments to one of exasperation. Under such scenarios, they vent their spleen to register how hurt they are as a result of their dashed hopes.

The creation of the regions was greeted with wild jubilation by the people within the six zones. Their age-long dreams had been realized when the regions were created.

Scenes across the six regions depicted a group of people who were exhilarated as a result of the new administrative zones having come into effect.

Ceremonies to give the Constitutional Instruments meant to give legal backings to the regions with the naming of the capital cities/towns are being held.

So far, Nareligu, Damango, Techiman and Goaso have been named regional capitals in their respective regions. Some places had equal chances of emerging as regional capitals but they did not get the nod.

The reasons for the selection of regional capitals are many and varied but I would not wish to disturb readers with them since they are not in the mood to read them.

I hoped and prayed that my town would get the regional capital for Ahafo. It has eluded us. The people are pained. It is natural. It is human nature.

Out of anger, some have threatened to abandon the party and government. I am sure that the people in Goaso would have said same if the situation were reversed.

My plea to my people and all the towns that had high hopes annexing the regional capital but could not win the race is that they should not lose sight of the fact that whichever town has won the capital belongs to the region.

We should look beyond the pain, frustration and anger as the president has reiterated his commitment to equitably distribute the resources meant for the development of the region.

The Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia hails from Walewale. The town was in a pole position to become the capital of North East Region. His position as the Vice President of Ghana could have won Walewale the regional capital, but that was not to be.

In the President’s estimation which I believe the Vice President shares in, Nareligu deserves the capital. We are yet to hear acts of violence from Walewale though they had high expectations.

Let us not go overboard in our anger. Let us watch our utterances as we express our frustrations. Losing the capital should not be seen as the end of life. The plane is about to take off. The creation of the regions should be seen as the catalyst upon which development will be accelerated.

Hope springs eternal in the human breasts. The regions were created for a special purpose, and that is largely to help them to develop faster than they are doing. The regional capitals are subsets of the decision to create the six regions. Let us not allow our anger to cloud the ultimate goal for which the regions were birthed.



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