10 REASONS why Jane Opoku’s Agyemang’s partnership will AFFECT Mahama NEGATIVELY


10 REASONS why Jane Opoku’s Agyemang’s partnership will AFFECT Mahama NEGATIVELY

By GhanaNewsPage.Com

Ten irrefutable reasons her partnership would add to the woes of NDC and the entire Ghanaian community in the unlikely event of the good people of Ghana falling for the lies of the JM/JN led NDC.

1. Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang appended her signature to the infamous Montie Trio petition. Remember the Muntie Three Case was all about causing mayhem in this country, including killing and raping of our revered Judges with the highest target aimed at the Chief Justice, Mrs. Georgina Woode at the time.

2. Prof. Opoku Agyeman presided over the failed Progressively Free S.H.S. promise. Parents were as a matter of inconvenience made to pay throat cutting academic and boarding facilities user fees. The most pain in the neck was the sky rocketed WASSCE fees. Nothing like Free S.H.S. Ghanaians are currently enjoying existed under her watch as the Education Minister.

3. Under her reigns as the Minister for Education:

i. Teachers were paid three months arrears for three solid years of service to mother Ghana, an affront to the very rules of engagement by the Ghana Education Service .

ii. Yearly incremental jump in salary scales of Teachers got canceled without any rationalisation.

iii. Allowance for Trainee Teachers and Nurses got its fair share of the JM’s government cancelation agenda.

iv. Research and Book allowances for Tertiary institutions’ Lecturers were canceled.

v. There were no Teaching and Learning Materials including ordinary chalks in our basic and schools when Prof had the privilege to turn around the fortunes of basic education in Ghana.

4. Prof. Jane Naana Opoku – Agyemang offered a hand in John Mahama’s failure to deliver on their promise of constructing 200 Community Day Senior High Schools for Ghanaians during their tenure. For the records only 28 of the school facilities got completed despite the wanton dissipation of the state coffers as per the amount budgeted for the completion of the so called 200 “E-block project”.

5. Again, she assisted Mr. John Mahama in failing on the JM’s led NDC government promise to deliver on building 10 Colleges of Education.

6. Under her watch as Minister for Education Teachers were constantly summoned to and greeted with unjustifiable harassment by B.N.I. Officials.

7. Prof. Jane Naana presided over the freezing of employment in the the Education Sector coupled with heightened corrupt practices at the N.S.S. Secretariat. It is worthy of note that, the Secretariat is under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education headed by the Education Minister.

8. John Mahama’s recent public declaration to cancel the Licensure Examination for Teachers in the unlikely event that the NDC wins power is borne out of Prof. Opoku Agyemang’s ill advise. Thank God all the Teacher Unions see such intent as irrational, bearing in mind the fact that professionalism is anchored on credible licensing.

9. During her tenure as the Minister for Education, the Progressively Free S.H.S., School Feeding Program, Capitation Grant, and the likes, all ended up products of arrears. It is important to recall that Senior High schools in the Northern part of Ghana especially were closed down as there was no feeding grants for running the kitchen and domestic affairs of the schools.

10. Prof Opoku Agyemang presided over the near collapse of the scholarship Secretariat. In fact, scholarships were the preserved rights of party cronies and chums; Students on Foreign Scholarships were left at the mercy of complaints as their fees and other allowances were always in arrears. It is interesting to cast a retrospective glance at the office of the Secretary to the Scholarship Secretariat at the time this government took over in 2017. One could only boast of a single chair behind one desk computer top computer sitting in the corner of a what appeared to be an abundant cubicle in a somewhat deserted building called an academic secretariat. It was hard to believe that such office housed the officialdom of high academic pursuits.

All in all, nothing credible stood and emanated from the Professor’s desk for the successful execution of the so called “Better Ghana” agenda at the time. It was complete display of gross incompetence. Just imagine the aftermath effect of an incompetent brain partnering a fellow incompetent foolhardy…Your guess is as good as mine.

Never again! Say no to Incompetence raised to the power two.

Let’s allow the ordinary Ghanaian the freedom and power to enjoy the fruits of having a Fellow Ghanaian pair of servant leadership.

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