1.5 million Fulanis in Ghana protest treatment as non-citizens


Over 1.5 million Fulanis in Ghana are protesting against their treatment as non-citizens.

The Funalis claim they are being denied access to national documents such as the National Identified card and passports.

They also claim they are being charged exorbitant fees when accessing some services in the health and other sectors because they are seen as foreigners.

Yakubu Musah Barry General Secretary for the Fulani Association, told Africa Feeds that President Akufo Addo must intervene to end their treatment as second class citizens.

“During elections we are treated as citizens and even bused to go and vote. But when elections are over we are no more citizens.

Fulanis who qualify to write their names for the Ghana cards are being denied the opportunity. We can’t also access birth certificates and passports. This discrimination must stop” he said.

More than 30 Fulanis where reportedly killed in different parts of Ghana last year.

The Fulani community is incensed about the fact that there has not been any prosecution to bring the perpetrators to book.

Mr. Yakubu Barry said more than 600 cattle of the Fulanis were also killed whilst 80 Fulani homes were set ablaze.

“We are being treated like refugees although our grandfathers and great grandfathers were part of the independence struggle.

The Fulanis are being attacked and killed and justice is not being served although reports where made to the security agencies. We don’t want to see what is happening in other countries. We don’t want to get there.”

There have been frequent clashes between the cattle rearers and farmers in several regions in Ghana.

The farmers have accused the Fulanis of destroying their farm produce as well as sexual and physical assault. The security agencies have frequently used Operation Cow Leg to drive the Fulanis out of some areas to protect lives and property.


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