Its appearing to me as if my government is churning out policies that could easily force it into opposition. For example the scraping of Teacher / Nurses trainee allowances, High cost of petroleum products and killer taxes are some arsenals the New Patriotic Party is using against our administration.

Why should the finance minister Seth Tekper be allowed to churn out unfavorable killer taxes that are now overburdening the populace? Mr President are you aware? Or Your finance minister outlines these policies before you are made aware? So what is the situation? Its very bad. What is happening must not be underestimated at all because politically its like loading your AK 47 rifle and handing it over to your enemy for safe keeping.

Let me now turn to the Volta Region in particular. It is obvious the New Patriotic Party through a group called Agenda For Change is making some incalculable and monumental inroads in that region to the disadvantage of our great party the NDC.

I have travelled the length and breadth of that region and Alas! The earlier we begin to speak the truth, the better for us even as we move into the elections in December. Our leaders must be factual about efforts being made by the New Patriotic Party in the Volta Region.

If care is not taken, we shall laugh at the wrong side of our mouths in December. People should not sit at the comfort of their bedrooms and churn out reports to Accra as if that is the real situation on the ground.

If elections were held today, 21st of August 2016, we cannot record a one touch victory because Ghanaians are really struggling. Life is really tough in Ghana under us.Truth must be told. We have been very insensitive to Ghanaians in terms of their needs and plights. People should be made to stop making political judgements full of mental deficiencies.

To me, the NPP’s target in the Volta Region is honestly being met and there is need for us to engage a different approach than what we are used to; ‘Voltarians will not vote for the NPP’. NPP is being truthful and honest to the ordinary Ghanaians. This must stop!. If people like Koku Anyidoho do not rise up to speak against some of these things, everyone else is asleep over them. Are we all expectant of defeat?

Sadly, a lot of people who were at the forefront, who made sure that we secured victory in 2008 and 2012 are still struggling to survive even though their party is in power. Some have been sacked from work, others are being intimidated by members of the NPP in various offices with impunity. No one listens to their cries. If you were one of such persons, will you still have the strength and love to work for your party like you did in the past?

Mr President, do not wait until a deeper opposition is formed within your party against your re-election in December because unknown to you an opposition is already being formed against your victory in December. Truth must be told. Youth of your party are angry because some of your people have not treated them fairly. The elders of the party keep deceiving the youth. You have worked and probably deserve another term. Do not allow actions of some few to send our great party into miserable opposition. I rest my case. *Working for Mahama 2016*

………..Signed………. Stanley Nelvis Glare 0244998418 (Constituency Secretary) Ho Central NDC

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