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The Atiwa West constituency is a bastion of NPP success. In the 2016 election the constituency gave Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo 80.16% of its votes. This achievement translated into the appointment of the MP for the constituency, Hon. Amoako-Atta, as the Minister for Roads and Highways. This is a commendable reward for the constituency.
It is however regrettable that Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Atta has perceived the success of the entire constituency as his personal victory and has embarked on dictatorial activities, which, if unchecked, could dwindle the fortunes of the NPP.
1. The NPP constituency office is the fulcrum around which activities revolve. It is the constituency executives who should control the constituency office and run the day to day affairs of the party. However, Hon. Amoako-Atta has hijacked the constituency executives and is working closely with only three – the Chairman, the Organizer and the Deputy Women organizer. Even the Secretary is not often involved in certain decisions. All other constituency executives have been dumped from decision making.
2. Since the appointment of Ministers, deputy ministers, regional ministers and MMDCEs the entire constituency executives have never had a full meeting to deliberate on matters affecting the party. In fact the constituency office has become an appendage of the MP’s office and the constituency executives cannot hold a single meeting or spend even Gh¢1 without the permission of the MP.
3. The constituency office remain closed most of the time and ordinary members of the party find it difficult to get their issues addressed. This is because the constituency executives have submitted themselves to the dictates of the MP and cannot mobilize their own funds, without the MP’s permission, to keep the office functioning.
4. For this reason, there are no effective mobilization of party members to participate in the laudable programmes of the NPP such as planting for food and jobs. In fact the constituency office does not even have the statistics for the members of the party participating in the party’s programmes.
5.As many MPs are helping the youth of their constituencies, such cannot be said about Atiwa west. In fact, over seven (7) years that Hon. Amoako-Atta became MP not a single soul has he helped to get a job.
6. Since the election ushered the NPP into power the constituency executives have not embarked on a “Thank You Tour” to show appreciation to the constituents who voted massively for the NPP and the MP. This is because the MP has not made himself available or authorized/provided funds for the tour. In fact, we the polling station executives and the entire membership of the party are angry with the constituency executives for not showing appreciation after the 2016 elections.
Following the recent release of the party’s schedule for polling station, constituency and national elections of the NPP, the constituency chairman, the organizer and deputy women organizer on the instructions of the MP have gone round to distribute some expired granulated sugar to the polling station executives. In fact this has infuriated the polling station executives so much that some of them from Kwabeng, Abomosu, Asamama, Awenare, Banso, Akropong, Akrofufu and Pameng have called the constituency chairman to come and collect his sugar.
8. To add salt to the injury, the MP, Hon Kwasi Amoako-Atta has openly waded into the chieftaincy dispute at Kwabeng to the detriment of the fortunes on the NPP in the constituency. He has picked one Asamoah, a leading member of one of the factions of the dispute, and is parading him in the constituency as the prospective DCE for the pending Atiwa West District. In fact, the MP’s action has created discontent among members of the other faction of the chieftaincy dispute. This is likely to generate serious instability in the Atiwa capital of Kwabeng should he succeed in getting Mr. Asamoah as the DCE.
We believe he is deliberately doing that since he has publicly declared he will not seek reelection.
9. The problems within the party are so pronounced that the MP himself and the three constituency executives are not collaborating with the current DCE. In fact, it took the Eastern regional member of the council of state – Nana Somuah Mireku to travel to Kwabeng in October 2017 to resolve the problems between the constituency executives and the DCE.
Clearly, the problems within the party are mounting and we cannot sit down for Hon. Amoako-Atta and his cronies to destroy the party. The party is bigger than the MP and his cronies. The MP should know that we gave him the mandate before he became the minister of state and therefore us should treat all members with respect that they deserve. He owes us a duty to help unite the party and not disintegrate it.
We are therefore calling on the regional and national executives of the NPP to come and put things right, before the situation gets out of hand.
Atiwa West Constituency
Polling Station Executive
Desmond Anim

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