The days are gone when campaign promises were just to win votes and nothing else, where political parties produce manifestos as a mere formality to engage and excite electorates, the media and civil society organisations.

President Akufo-Addo, by his actions since he was inaugurated has challenged political parties to think differently. He has challenged them to mean what they say on political platforms during campaign periods. He is by his actions erasing “political talk,” the most abused words in our political lexicons which are used by politicians when they are challenged to prove their statements on political platforms or when they are challenged to fulfil promises they make during campaigns.

President Akufo-Addo has raised the bar with honesty and respect for the governed. He has lived a statement he mostly used on political platforms and I quote ” I have not come here to lie to you, I am not a liar, i mean every word I say to you.”
When he said, on the day he launched the NPP manifesto that the manifesto document is the social contract between himself and his party on one side, and the people of Ghana on the other side, he really meant those words. On that day he challenged the people of Ghana to performed their part of the contract by voting for him, he will also perform his obligation under the contract by fulfilling the promises “p3p3p3”.

The speed the President is going after his inauguration is a testament of a President who wants to leave a legacy not only with his leadership skills, corruption fight, economic and infrastructure development but also honesty and respect for Ghanaians.
Free Senior High School policy, One district one factory, One district one warehouse, important reforms at the ports and other agencies aimed at making Ghana business friendly, Development authorities to alleviate poverty, economic stability amongst others have all been implemented within his first year. Such an excellent performance from an extremely serious president.

One policy that excites me as a Zongo man is the Zongo Development Fund Bill. One of the first things that occupied the President’s thought at the beginning of the year was to give a Presidential Assent to the ZDF bill. This bill which seeks to uplift the conditions of the Zongo communities and ensure that development reaches the Zongo communities was signed into law by the president without delay.

I was born and raised in the the Zongo and I have lived all my adult life in the Zongo and I know the problems the Zongos of our country face. Zongos are bedevilled with poor sanitation, infrastructure deficit and lack of social services. The Zongo Development Fund will provide roads, drainage facilities, clinics, water electricity and street lights. It will train the youth in entrepreneurship and also empower women. The deprivation and underdevelopment that have characterised the lives of people in the Zongos will be corrected by the Zongo Development Fund.

No President in our history has paid special attention to Zongos like the way President Akufo-Addo has done. No president apart from Nana Akufo-Addo has ever established a whole ministry to ensure Zongo Development.
Akufo-Addo is an angel to the Zongos and Zongos must rise to support him. Apart from we benefitting from all his policies, he has given us something that is specially made for us. Our President and the NPP deserve a treatment from Zongo communities.

I call him the “Zongo president” because he lives and understands the zongos.

A robust Nasara structure is essential to communicate such achievements in our own language to our own people to shape their opinions about our President and the New Patriotic Party.

Let’s change the statistics with Baba G. Ibrahim

The writer of this article is Baba Gado Ibrahim, a National Nasara Coordinator Hopeful.

Monday, 15th January, 2018.

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