The NPP and the NDC which one is more desperate for power?

The NPP and the NDC which one is more desperate for power?

With barely a few months to go for this years elections the two major political parties in the country (the NPP and the NDC) are both accusing each other of been desperate to win the upcoming elections. But the funder mental question is which of these parties is more desperate for power ? The answer is simply the latter. I actually said this based on the fact that just last Friday at Busunu, where the mortal remains of the President’s mother was laid to rest something very fascinating and ridiculous happened. What was this thing that happened? It will interest all to note that, instead of celebrating the President’s mother it was rather the President that was been celebrated. This may sound so strange to many people but the fact is that at the ceremony almost everything that was used there was branded with the President’s picture and it read’s “JM 2016”. So could that be another case of human sacrifice for JM’s second bid in this upcoming elections just as we saw in 2012 with Prof Mills been used as a sacrificial lamb? The answer is for you the reader to decide. Every car that went there was later on seen with JM’s poster on it and you will ask yourself that did they think that everyone that when there was an NDC or JM’s supporter? This is indeed very ridiculous and must be condemned in no uncertainty terms. This man is indeed very desperate for political power but IN SHA ALLAH he will surely lose this upcoming elections. Let me further state, even if for nothing at all JM should have respected his late mother’s body rather than making her burial a political grounds. It is Islamic ally unacceptable for a Moslems funeral to be turned into a rally grounds. I know very well that the woman will not be happy with what happened at her funeral on last Friday if she was actually a true Moslem and understands the Deen.
May her soul rest in peace.

*Abdulai Harisu*
*Bole-Bamboi Constituency*

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