Giant tears welled up in his gloomy eyes, cascading down his pale cheeks, as the rejection of his proposition sunk deep inside his heart. His earlier pleas had fallen on deaf ears, the reason being that the customs and traditions of the land must be adhered to, and absolutely nothing could induce Nananom to lift the ban placed on activities which generated cacophonous noise. The gods hated noise making, so he was made to understand.

Crestfallen, he turned around, headed home, with the tears still streaming down his flushed face.

It occurred to him, days after his unnerving encounter with the powers that be, that a big fish was to grace the town with his presence. Not that it would matter, he surmised wrily, because, the gods of old, the watchers of the land and its inhabitants, would, at all times, not budge an inch in their stance. The gods, as everybody was made to believe, were principled to the core. He was thinking morbid thoughts, he concluded, and dismissed the issue as it was cast in stone, so he assumed, and nothing would bend the rules.

Was he Alice in wonderland or his ears were just deceiving him? It just so happened that the news gathered momentum that the foreign king, the big fish, was readying himself to visit the town, accompanied by a large number of his subjects, with cacophonous noise preceding him.

The gong-gong beater would waste no time to announce to the townsfolk the triumphal entry of the king from lands beyond the rivers sandwiching the township.

The gathering was thick. The anxious crowd waited in high expectations what the traditional rulers had in store for them by way of announcement. Nana woke up to address the teaming crowd.

“……….and so, Nananom have decreed that despite the ban on noise making, this cacophonous noise can go on”

Shockwaves permeated the crowd peopled at the palace. Hands were raised in anticipation to be called to probe Nananom further about what informed the gods to weigh down their stance. If these hungry hands were expecting to be notified to ask questions, then their famined minds would go without the satisfaction of those answers they yearned for. Questions would not be allowed to be asked.

The gods, he came to realize, had, for the first time in their monotonous lives, accepted hefty sums of money as inducement for the noise making to be carried on with a passage so motorable.

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