Teachings on money: By Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum, Founder and presiding Apostle of victory outreach church,

Teachings on money: By Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum, Founder Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum Founder and presiding Apostle of victory outreach church. Book writer, marriage counsellor, Gospel show host/presentor, and singer. He is been in for 32 year now with respect and good reputation. 079 845 87 480and presiding Apostle of victory outreach church. —————APOSTLE AGYEKUMDate o



f preparation :Friday 19th of August 2016.@ 9 Baron House at 5am

Deffinition : —————– Money is any official substance, which is authorised for payment, selling and buying.

Biblical lessons about money : ——————————– * Money is for exchange, nothing can be changed or transferred from one person to another person without money; and so whatever money you pay or give is not for nothing or goes for nothing. The money you pay will bring you something else to replace the money you have paid or given out.

  • No one can survive on this planet earth without money and money is involved in everything that people do on earth.

*No one owns money in this world , expect God and the state. All of us as human beings are just caretakers of physical money and anything that relate to money.

  • There’s a great day of accountability for everyone to give account to God of any money that we receive for life on earth.

  • Everything we receive as money, is given as seed to sow on a good land to reproduce itself for more. That is why you should always consider where and who you give money. The bible says whatever man sows , is what he or she will reap.

  • It is not wrong biblically for any believer to pray to God and ask him for money, if only it is a need and with a good motive for life. Asking God for money is not worldly. According to 2 Peter 1:3

  • Money has been involved in everything that man does on earth from the beginning of creation until today . Nothing can be done without money. Please, let us understand money from biblical perspective and enjoy peacefully in serving the Lord. Teachers and preachers who confuse people on Christianity and money should put a stop to that kind of confusion.

  • It is not a sin to borrow money for anything you wish to do, but borrowing from individuals, should not become your habit and more so the money you borrowed should be invested or must be used wisely, to be able to pay with any interest which may be accrued on the loan.

  • Money brings more friends naturally. Poor may lose more friends not because he or she doesn’t know how to keep friendship but the person is financial poor. * God has ordained money to come to us through genuine hard work or sweat and anything else than hard work of getting money is wrong and may be sinful. Jeremiah 17:10

  • The value of every money, depends on productivity; more use of domestic products than foreign items and savings especially Gold reserved

  • Biblical passages on Money are as follows: 1. During Esther’s time, huge amount of money was paid to the king for permission to destroy the Israelites. 2. In the book of Acts a man called Simon wanted to pay for God’s grace and anointing. Acts 9 3. Judas was Stealing from the coffers of Christ and the Disciples. In the book of John chapter 10: 4. Christ was sold for money by Judas 5. Soldiers were paid hugely to lie against his resurrection in the book of Matthew 27: Matthew 25: 18 Mark 14:11 Luke 22:35 Luke 10:4 Acts 8:20 Isaiah 52:3 Isaiah 55:1-2

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