It is commonsensically weird, if not incongruous, for a minister paid with our taxes to wildly claim, if not assume that people relatively short have no place at the presidency.

Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, the sports minister, yesterday in Cape Coast pontificated that Ghana’s presidency abhors people who lack the height and form of Goliath of Biblical fame.

It is believed by many a Ghanaian that this oafish as well as detestable pronouncement of the sports minister was directed at the standard bearer of the New Patriotic Party who seems to be giving the ruling party jitters with his campaign of Hope and Change, and this attack and several others in the past are geared toward minimizing the great impact Nana Akufo-Addo’s campaign tour is making on the electorate.

Nutmegged between imminent defeat in the presidency and the more than probable reality of losing not only his seat in Parliament but also his position as the sports minister, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije was compelled to cast aspersions on Nana Akufo-Addo, landing him in a predicament so deep to dig himself out of.

The NDC held its campaign launch, against all the unsavoury odds which gave rise to people accusing the traditional rulers of Cape Coast of having received inducements in order to appeal to the gods of the land who stoically wouldn’t budge when it came to adhering to customs and traditions, and this gave the passage for the programme to be held in Cape Coast unimpeded. The tabloids should have headlined the event at the stadium, but as Nii-Lantey willed it, all the other events which graced the programme have been dwarfed to the background whilst Nii-Lantey’s debacle assumes centre stage.

It is not that simplistic to dismiss this rather uncouth assertion as having been influenced by the political season we find ourselves in since this goes beyond the intended target of his innuendo. For Nii-Lantey to create the fallacious impression that people of short heights fall short to have stints with Ghana’s presidency, it is logical to conclude he also sought to denigrate all those whose heights do not meet his jaundiced criteria. By overstretching the argument, any short man who votes in these elections is insulated from the inalienable right to be voted for. It also stands to reason that it would be sheer stupidity for people of Nana Akufo-Addo’s height to consider Mahama during the elections, per the pathetic logic Nii-Lantey advances.

When did one’s height become a measuring rod for his competence as president?

Was Mills the modern day Goliath of Biblical fame when he was at the presidency?

Has Mahama’s enormous height impacted on his delivery as president?

Why do we live with dumsor then if Mahama’s tall height was the enzyme needed to end that crisis?

With his tall height, we are still battling with massive joblessness amongst the youth, acute water supply, exorbitant tariffs, corruption, only to mention a few.

Only a nitwitted soul would advance this hollow line of argument in an apparent attempt to urge Ghanaians to ignore the advances of a political opponent in order to endorse Mahama.

Nii-Lantey Vanderpuije murders competence on the altar of extreme illogicality whose genealogy could be traced to the phobia he and his party have for Nana Addo.

Nii-Lantey is notorious for his acerbic attacks on people who hold widely divergent views on matters bordering on political ideologies. He launches scathing attacks on people who do not sing hymns he loves to hear.

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