PRIVATE SECTOR PARTICIPATION IS NOT OUTRIGHT SALE-STOP THE MISCHIEVOUS MISINTERPRETATION I don’t know if misinterpretation of statements by our politicians has also become an accepted political strategy.Those misinterpreting the President’s statement on the power sector should bow their heads in shame.This hasty approach to condemn and impress,is exposing the inner weaknesses of some persons society holds in high esteem.A company going through a concession programme to raise for it and government,cannot be described as a sold out entity.We must try as much as possible to educate ourselves adequately about technical arrangements and procedures in the various sectors before going market with our conjectures and analysis.To create a system where private persons could for concession and make regular payments from such strategic partnership arrangement and remain part of the company,is not an alien concept we must play political chess game with. The United States government through the Millennium Development Authority compact,is supporting Ghana to improve the power sector.It has (Power Compact).Currently the ECG’S own Financial and Operational Turnaround (EFOT) project entails private sector participation in ECG modernising utility operations,reduction in commercial losses and improvement of revenue collection rate,technical loss reduction and outrage reduction. You know what,creating of jobs entails application of prudent measures using materials available.People still hold the 18th century conception that job creation is just establishment of new factories etc.If we cautiously bring on board the private sector,productivity and profitability of micro,small and large scale business and also raising earning potential from self employment and improved social outcomes for our people would be realised.If we are able to instil efficiency and operational discipline in the sector,we would be attracting investors to support the economic drive. If I critically evaluate the misinterpretati ons put on the otherwise strategic suggestion by the President,the only appropriate deduction is that Ghana is going to sell outright,Akosombo Dam, Bui,Kpong,the various renewable power projects etc.Does it sound anything sensible?I think we must soberly read over materials we prepare for the public’s consumption.Redistribution of wealth and plan for the whole country shouldn’t be done based on those old orthodoxies.Bri tain after years of practice of the Keynessian planning and by Herbert Morrison’s concept of the large national corporation which labour especially saw as the best method of organising nationalised industries,moved from that approach in the 70s and encouraged private sector participation in different facet of its affairs. Although we have our reservations about ECG’s billing system,we cannot readily condemn the way the private retail joints handle sale of prepaid metre credit to customers.Jobs have been created through this private initiatives.

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