NPP Should Not Be Complacent Over The Implementation Of The Free Education Policy,Louisa Nana Akua Berma— NPP USA Chapter

NPP Should Not Be Complacent Over The Implementation Of The Free Education Policy

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First of all I will like to thank the President of the Republic H. E. Addo Danquah Akufo Addo and the New Patriotic Party NPP for the bold decision to implement this all important NPP’s flagship Pro Poor policy Free SHS, which is aimed at helping every child in GH whether rich or poor to get access to Free Education since education they say is the key to success n the best way to have an educated work force to push the Ghanaian economy to it desirable position on the global map

Amidst all the unprecedented debts and weak economy we as a party and govt inherited from the erstwhile mahama govt, we still went ahead to prove to the Ghanaian people that we take their vote seriously and are therefore determined to make the lives of the poor ordinary Ghanaian better just as we did to make the lives of the Ghanaian much better when we assumed office from 2001-2008 under President Kufour

As we all can remember, the NPP under President Kufour implemented all the pro poor policies the Ghanaian people are enjoying today yet what happened to us in 2008 ?. President Kufour from 2001-2008 brought all these pro poor social interventional policies ie. National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), National Youth Employment Program (NYEP), Free Maternal Care, Cocoa Mass Spraying, Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), Metro Mass Transit (MMT) and soo many others that the country and for that matter the Ghanaian people never experienced or witnessed under the 20yrs rule of the NDC under chairman Rawlings yet the Ghanaian people despite all the unprecedented and incomparable things we did for them still shocking voted us out in 2008 because of perception of corruption and arrogance

This clearly tells us that the Ghanaian people don’t only base on one or two factors to vote for a ruling party but mainly or basically vote base on the betterment or improvement of their lives. So we as a ruling party now, we shouldn’t be complacent over the implementation of the Free Education policy which has been launched successfully and receiving commendations from people from all walk of lives into thinking that the people are automatically going to renew our mandate again in 2020

We should as a ruling party try as much as we can to do everything possible to make the living conditions of the people less burdensome, respect their views and rights, listen to their plights and do all we can to solve their day to day problems and predicaments

Appointees of the govt must humble themselves and not to be seen as arrogant and corrupt. In fact appointees must do away with pity pity corruption acts that can in the long run hurt the image of the party n govt negatively in the 2020 election. The attitudes n perceptions of corruption involving govt appointees really affect every ruling govt and so we as a ruling party and especially appointees of the govt must be very mindful of the way we talk, treat n deal with issues bothering and concerning the plights of the Ghanaian people so as to consolidate our Base in order to win elections back to back without any difficulties

We must always bear in mind that politics is about service to the people and the well being of the people especially the down trodden or the poor in society and so we must respect the views of the people who voted us into power and not Lord over them with the very power they gave us and by so doing the people will continue to vote for us over and over and over again without any hindrance

Let’s not be complacent or over joyous in deceiving ourselves that the Free Education and the other policies underway alone will and can do the magic for us in 2020 without giving respect to the people who voted us into office and doing away with corruption. I want the Best for the party and I want the party to stay in power for more than 30yrs before power at least gets out of our hands to the CPP or PPP and never the NDC

A word to the Wise they say is Enough so let the wise take the wisdom in this write up and abide by it

Thank you…

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