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Ooh Woow, What am I hearing? That, at the Branch Executive Council Meeting help yesterday at Dominion Centre, the NPP-UK AEC for 2018 Elections has unanimously disqualified Nine Chapters out of Ten for producing fraudulent documents fabricated to deceive the AEC.

According to reports, the only chapters qualified by the AEC at the meeting to participate in the upcoming Branch elections was the Leads Chapter and London Chapter. All other nine chapters were caught to have produced bloated registers with ghost names and supported with fake dues paid receipts, questionable bank statements and forged meeting attendance records.

As the result, I understand that the Branch Chairman, Mr Ansah at the meeting yesterday pleaded on behalf of the Nine Chapters disqualified, to be given some grace period to allow them reproduce new genuine registers to reflect their real membership records and support them with new credible documents and they should resubmit to the AEC within 48 hrs, expiring on Monday midnight.

This means that, if the grace period given to the fraudulent Chapters caught to have submitted fake receipts of dues payments, bamboozled bank statements and forged meeting attendance records and also deceitful unknown names as their members elapses on Monday midnight, and if those dishonoursble chapters failed to comply with the grace period and strict orders given by the Branch Chairman and the AEC, then the AEC will have no choice than to disqualify all the nine chapters permanently by virtue of that fact that they have submitted devious, counterfeit documents and their dishonoursble attempt by the chapters executives to hoodwink the honourable Branch Adhoc Electoral Committee.

According to the AEC, the Chapters detected to have submitted fake and fraudulent details are: the Manchester Chapter, Reading Chapter, Northampton Chapter, Luton Chapter, Nottingham Chapter, MK Chapter, Swindon Chapter, Hull Chapters, etc.

1) The AEC member, Margaret who is a Reading Member and was tasked to prepare a credible voters register for Northampton and other chapters based on their documents submitted, has had reasons beyond reasonable doubt to disqualify the Northampton Chapter and others for cooked documents submitted to deceive the AEC.

2) Mr Didzie Korku, an AEC member, who was also tasked for Manchester and Leeds chapters registers, expressed overwhelming reasons to disqualify the Manchester Chapter for submitting deceptive receipts books issued for their 222 list of members. That, the receipts books showing members dues paid contains no dates on them to indicate when those moneys were received, and slso them failing to produce Bank Statement to support the monies paid into the account, and also failing to produce pay-in (counter foil) showing transaction made.

3) Madam Barbara, an AEC member, am told, also disqualified the Luton and Nottingham chapters for deceitful acts, fraudulent registers submitted and flimsy excuses given for failing to produce evidence of dues paid by members.

Reading Barbara’s report by the AEC Chairman at the meeting, quoted that, Barbara called personal phoned 38 out of 80 people claimed to be members of Nottingham Chapter. That all the 38 people contacted confirmed to the AEC Member that they aren’t members of the Chapter party and have no idea about the chapters existence the area or its activities, and some expressed interest to register if the AEC could send them address of the chapter meeting place. She therefore disqualified doubted the credibility of the register and its details. Barbara in her report provided all the phone Numbers and the names of the people contscted as evidence for any other interested person to check.

On other hand, Barbara again called 10 out of the 36 names submitted as paid up members at Luton Chapter, but to her surprise, all the 10 people contacted said they are not members of the Luton Chapter. She further provided the names and numbers of the people contacted as evidence.

In addition for the reasons to disqualify the Luton Chapter, Barbara stated that, the Luton Chapter Chairman, Mr Anthony Peters, gave various doubtful excuses including the fact that, he could not produce the Bank Statement to support any dues payment because, the bank account used to collect members dues payment was a private individual bank account and the person has died or has refused to give the Chapter his bank statement. Mr Peters failed also to produce any certified stamped pay-in counter foil from the bank kept on their records to show when and how much money was paid into that private bank account even if the actual statement could nor be obtained.

4) Mr Joe Arthur also had a good cause to believe that the Reading Chapter and Swindon Chapter must be disqualified, on the reasons that, the Reading Chapter’s register submitted was cooked and fraudulently claimed that the total amount of dues paid by members which did not in anyway tallied with the balance of transactions shown on the Bank Statement provided to support the claim. According to the AEC member Mr Arthur, the total amount calculated on the dues receipts books was over £8,500, but the total money found in one’s private bank statement was about £2,000. No transaction within a year to show when even this £2000 Was deposited into the account. He demanded to know where was the amount of over £6,000 left as shown on the dues receipts, but the chairman of the Chapter failed to provide any evidence of the money actually received. In addition, the dues record sheets, Mr Arthur also found that, more than 50 people had their names £120 full dues paid against their names but these names were not found in any of the receipts books submitted, this includes the name of the chapter Secretary. This raised a lot of concern to probe further. Mr Joe Arthur again detected that, in January 2018 alone, the Reading Chapter record shows that they attended twice within a space of one week, both meetings were on weekdays, not weekends as usual for all party meetings. Another strange thing that AEC member found was that, any time the chapter meeting was held, record shows every member who attended the meeting paid their full dues £120. He wondered why meetings twice in a space of one week and how come that every member who attended the meeting paid full dues. Mr Arthur had a good reason to believe that this activity was inconsistent with any party meetings and therefore concluded that, the Reading Chapter had deliberately and consciously decided to deceive the AEC with such dishonoursble records and incredible attempt pass.

Checking the Swindon Chapter’s details and documents submitted, Mr Joe Arthur ascertained again that, the Swindon chapter has also followed the same pattern as that of Reading Chapter to deceive the AEC members. Based on these fraudulent acts, he wrote to disqualified both chapters for their dishonesty.

5) Now, Mr Patrick Korshigah, an AEC member from Northampton Chapter, who was assigned to check and prepare the register for the London Chapter, reported that, he has no reason to disqualify any member submitted to paid required dues and qualifies as member of good standing since all the receipts books, the attendance records, the bank statement and the full register from London agrees with each other.

It is worth to note that, London is represented as the Branch which has given birth to all these chapters, and was meant for all the chapters to mimic the way of record keeping and accounts for members dues payment.

6) The other AEC members equally found the same reasons to disqualify all other chapters as they chapters appear to have followed the same or similar trend of those disqualified above, with the aim to bamboozle the AEC.

Mr Ansah, showing leadership as the Branch Chairman, and having the daunting responsibility to ensure that credible, acceptable and believable registers are produced to conduct the upcoming Branch Executives election 2018, added in his instruction for the disqualified chapters to take advantage in the grace period to resubmit acceptable documents that, any chapter that failed at end of the 48hrs ultimatum will automatically be disqualified, and Mr Ansah emphasised that, any contestant from any of the chapters disqualified shall also automatically be disqualified.

Well, now I believe the doubting Thomas’s and dishonoursble ladies and unscrupulous chapter members who insulted and abused the man with the “Real Man With The Masterplan”, can now satisfied themselves that, truth is only one and shall always prevail against all the odds and curses. The old climacteric women and embittered men who hated the truth and hated the Man With The Masterplan can now bow down their heads in shame and pray for forgiveness from the Almighty God. I have forgiven you all, for I live with love, moral principles and desirable conventionalities.

The fight to save this Branch Party from some conscienceless and unethical acclaimed members continues unabated.

I am seriously wondering to see which Chapter disqualified can be bold enough to take advantage of the grace period to indeed submit new register and claim to be credible one. Maybe, the will borrow words from Shakespeare’s ghost to justify why the new one should be accepted and why they earlier submitted fraudulent documents and acted dishonoursbly. Real interesting times ahead.

The UK NPP Branch Party is a premier Branch for our mother party on Ghana and must be passionately protected.

Peter Antwi Boasiako

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