The foundation of every serious democratically led country hinges on the spirit and letter of a constitution, which clauses are appreciated without any form of selective, partisan and partial tendencies.

Though the President of Ghana has the right to Prerogative of Mercy as stated in article 72 of the 1992 constitution, he is equally aware of the fact that such rights must be exercised devoid of personal and partisan interest. The same constitution grants the independence of the judiciary and as such able to declare null and void any decision of the legislature and executive.

The life and security threatening comments by the infamous Montie trio on the lives of our Judiciary raised several eye brows who only sought that they will be brought to order and sanctify the airwaves. It only came as a big surprise to the majority of Ghanaians when the President perhaps out of pressure exerted on him by his party faithfuls pardoned the Montie 3.

We at Mass Action for Change categorically accentuate that the President of Ghana has willingly thrown the spirit,letter and clauses of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana to the gutters,with no respect to the very Arm of Government whose Head sworn him into office as the 4th President of Ghana in the Fourth Republic.

We call on the President to reconsider his decision and save Ghana from this irreparable international debacle he has plunged us into. The constitutionally approved interpreters of the 1992 constitution have been immeasurably disrespected,appalled and rubbished by the President of Ghana who also exerts his powers from the same constitution.

We at Mass Action for Change, want to ascertain from the President of Ghana,what happened to our “Checks and Balances” in Democratic Governance. Is it that the President of Ghana wants to unofficially inform Ghanaians that he is now a Dictator or Totalitarian who exerts Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution with total bias,prejudice and with an unrelenting capricious posture, without due recourse to the other Articles in the Constitution which gives the Judiciary specific powers to operate within this jurisdiction.

Finally, we at Mass Action for Change,believes that Ghana’s bitterest day of shame, is the day the President of Ghana willingly and deliberately threw our Constitution to the gutters by ignorantly exerting Article 72 of our Constitution to pardon the incorrigible criminals, popularly known as Montie Trio in Ghana today. We appeal to the President of Ghana to reconsider his decision, and listen to his party lawyers like Tony Lithur, who have also expressed their thoughts against such a weird decision by the president of Ghana. Any thing less than that will cost the President in votes and history come December 2016 elections.

Signed Mr Emmanuel Amankwaa Lecturer,KNUST Convener 0245963789

Citizen Harry Aboagye Augustine Communication Director 0247510827

Mr Kenneth Offei Operations /Intelligence Director 0240536605

Mr Richard Mensah Research Officer 0240341393

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